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Sugar Lumps: Diabetes and Obesity

Hand in Hand The link between obesity and Type 2 Diabetes is irrefutable, and as Americans continue to gain weight, the incidence of diabetes is rising. Recent statistics suggest that normal weight people have become a minority in the United States, with 30 percent of us being overweight, and another 34 percent being obese. Diabetes […]


Sugar Blues: The Link Between Diabetes and Depression

The Sad Truth Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a lifestyle related disorder involving many factors. Low physical activity, poor dietary choices, stress and poor sleep habits can all contribute. Depression is considered a co-morbidity of diabetes, meaning they often occur simultaneously. Without intervention, the combination can become a relentless downward spiral, with depression plunging you […]


Sugar Rush: How a High-Carb Diet Leads to Diabetes

The Curse of Carbs When you think of carbs, you probably think of bread, cookies and cakes. But carbohydrate foods include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as well. When broken down in your digestive tract, glucose is extracted from carbohydrate foods and enters your bloodstream, to be carried to your cells for energy. The difference […]