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  • Adopting Lifelong Habits
    Adopting Lifelong Habits “When I Was Young We Walked Uphill Both Ways!” I am from upstate New York, so this statement was fairly believable when my grandfather (dressed in a button down, khakis, loafers, cane, and pipe) used to say it.  Think back to the...
  • “If You Build It, He (They) Will Come.”
    If You Build It, He (They) Will Come. A famous line from the movie Field of Dreams.  If you are unfamiliar with it, you are missing out: The last sc...
  • Recess, Sports, & Recreation: Part of the Solution?
    Americans have agreed that childhood and youth obesity is an epidemic.  We have done a great job identifying the problem since the early 2000’s and coming up with funding for solutions since 2008.  Stay on task and spread the awareness of available solutions with the ideas below.

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