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    W.I.T.S has established partnerships with health clubs, recreation centers, wellness studios and gyms across the nation.

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time is money

Time is Money: Your Hidden Currency for Marketing Success

Tapping Into Time Most of us will agree that time is a valuable commodity that there never seems to be enough of. But if you’re launching a new business on a small budget, time can become a lucrative currency for marketing your business. Strategically placing yourself in the middle of your market population in a […]


The Write Way to Market: Blogging to Build Your Business

Blogging Basics A blog is an ongoing series of written entries that can provide information and opinions, and which often reflects the philosophy of the writer. In business, a blog can be a useful tool that showcases your knowledge and expertise, and reflects your business philosophy. Fitness blogs often introduce new ideas or trends, and […]


Promote your Professionalism with Digital Badges!

Pathway of Professionalism You chose a fitness career because you have a passion for fitness and believe it is your chosen pathway to help others. But passion is not enough to establish yourself as a professional and to create a sustainable career. You need to ground yourself in sound business practices and professional growth in […]