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Five Ways to Lose a Sale

Gone Baby Gone We are told that sales is a numbers game, and if we can just power through the statistical number of rejections, we are guaranteed to stumble upon a willing buyer. But while statistics can give you a model for gauging your odds, your chances of reaching your sales goals can be greatly […]


The Softer Side of Selling

Your Sales Personality Profile For fitness professionals, business growth and prosperity is dependent on attracting and retaining new and repeat business. While we would all rather just teach and train our clients and members, we sometimes have to change hats and become salespeople. If your bliss comes from mentoring and motivating, you may think that […]


Set Your Sales for Seas of Success

The Truth About Sales For many fitness professionals, sales may seem like the dark side of our business. Pressure to meet sales quotas for memberships or personal training packages can take the joy out of an otherwise fun and rewarding career. Sales training courses often focus on tactics and techniques designed to manipulate a prospect […]