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Diabetes: Why It Matters

Diabetes Affects Us All If you exercise regularly and eat a whole foods diet, you may not think that diabetes is a threat to you. But at its current rate of occurrence, diabetes is projected to affect at least 1/3 of all adults by the year 2050. Even if you yourself do not develop diabetes, […]


The Link Between Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

It’s a Vicious Circle Ninety to 95 percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes are Type 2, the form of diabetes that is lifestyle-related. It typically begins as insulin resistance resulting from poor eating habits coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. If insulin resistance persists, the pancreas gradually loses its ability to produce insulin. In many […]

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Diabetes Types and Treatments

Be In the Know Diabetes is a growing epidemic of global proportions that parallels the obesity crisis. While a small number of cases are genetic, the vast majority are brought on by physical inactivity and poor nutritional choices. Fitness professionals can help clients manage and reverse diabetes through regular exercise and improved nutrition.   Resources […]