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    W.I.T.S has established partnerships with health clubs, recreation centers, wellness studios and gyms across the nation.

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Seven Simple Secrets for Selling Success

1. Smile It may seem obvious, but a genuine smile is the easiest way to break the ice when meeting a potential client. According to “Psychology Today,” a smile is contagious. It makes you appear more attractive and less threatening to others, and smiling releases happy hormones that relieve stress and put you at ease. […]


Selling the Sizzle, Not the Steak

What is Sizzle? According to Elmer Miller, famous head of the Tested Selling Institute of the 1930s and 40s, it’s not the cow that sells the steak, it’s the sizzle. In this analogy, the cow represents the concrete facts and information about your product. In fitness, your cow is information about the health and performance […]

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Home Run: Training Clients in Their Homes

Home Advantage As a fitness entrepreneur, zeroing in on the in-home training market can be lucrative and rewarding. Many clients prefer the convenience and accountability offered by in-home training. Not having to commute to the gym can be a big time saver for busy clients. Clients who are uncomfortable exercising in public often prefer to […]