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sad and fat

How Stress Makes You Sad and Fat

Cognitive Overload Chronic stress caused from overwork, worries about money and relationships, self-imposed perfectionism and outside pressure from work and family is common in America. Women in particular strive to meet the needs of others while neglecting their own wellbeing. When you become overly busy and stressed, you are quick to lay your personal self-care […]

sweet spot

Stress and Performance: Finding Your Sweet Spot

You and the U Stress typically gets a bad rap as an undesirable interloper that makes you anxious and unhappy. However, stress can be a useful tool that helps you perform at your peak. Way back in 1908, researchers Yerkes and Dodson found that in the right dose, stress facilitates concentration and drives motivation to […]

double edged sword

Stress and Overtraining Syndrome: A Two-Edged Sword

Training to Death Fitness training of all types can lead to better health and overall wellbeing. However, when intensity, duration and frequency of training are excessive, it can lead to overtraining syndrome marked by fatigue, muscle and joint pain, sleep disorders, low sex drive and chronic upper respiratory distress. Over time, overtraining can compromise your […]