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Trainer’s Lunchbox: Tools for Managing Your Clients’ Nutrition

by Michelle Matte, MSEd, CSCS Fitness and Forks Challenging and effective exercise programming is the foundation of fitness. But for optimal performance and successful weight management, nutrition plays a critical role. As the saying goes, you cannot out-train a bad diet. In a perfect world, you would be present to monitor every morsel of food […]


Training Options for Heart Health

by Michelle Matte, MSEd, CSCS Exercise and Heart Health The link between heart disease and physical activity has been studied extensively over the past few decades. The American Heart Association concludes that physically active and fit individuals are less likely to develop heart disease, and if they do develop it, it is likely to be […]


Heart of a Champion: What is Athlete’s Heart?

You’re All Heart Your body adapts to hard athletic training by increasing muscularity, agility, reaction time, speed, power and performance. Just like the muscles that govern movement, your heart muscle also adapts to overload, becoming bigger and stronger. The increase is most noticeable in the left ventricle, where oxygenated blood is ejected into the arteries […]