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  • Facebook: Not Just for Friends!
    This month we've been talking about marketing strategies---but specifically, how to market on a shoestring budget.    As we discussed, we may ...
  • Fitness Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
    Most fitness professionals start their mornings by getting dressed and lacing up their shoes. They live in a world dominated by sneakers rather than loafers and heels. Those shoestrings are important for more than just getting dressed for the day however; they also tend to represent just about every...
  • When You’re Selling: You’re Educating!
    This month we've been focusing on different ways to improve our selling skills. We may be the best personal trainer in our club or community; we may know every muscle in the human body and how to strengthen those muscles; but if we don't know how to sell and get clients to use our services---all of...
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