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  • Fresh: Letting Go to Begin Anew

    Snow Day

    As I write this post, the ground outside my window is covered in a fresh blanket of snow, pristine and unmarred by footprints or tire tracks. I know that before the day is out, it will be well trampled and traveled, but for the moment, it is a clean blank slate of glimmering white. To me, the fluffy fresh blanket seems an ...

  • Trending Now: Fitness 2015

    What’s Hot, What’s Not

    Just when we think we’ve seen it all in the world of fitness, the earth shifts and something new and exciting crops up to keep us on our toes. Over the past few decades, innovations in fitness have blazed the trail for higher levels of performance and increasingly better quality of life. In 2015, the upward spiral continues as new and exciting trends are swee...
  • When Dreams Become Goals, Miracles Happen! Thoughts for You and Your Clients!

    When Dreams Become Goals, Miracles Happen!

    Dreams versus Goals

    The difference between living the life of your dreams and only dreaming about it often boils down to clarity. For example, you may dream of living in a spacious house in an upscale neighborhood, driving a nice car and taking luxurious vacations in exotic locations. But unless you can clarify your dream life in terms...
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