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  • When Your Selling—Your HELPING!
    In our last blog we discussed overcoming our phobia of sales and recognizing that sales is actually about helping and educating.  As fitness professionals, many of us followed this career path because we want to HELP others.   So, by realizing that we are not "selling" in the traditional sense of ...
  • Are You Sales-Phobic?
    You became a fitness professional because you genuinely want to help people, you embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle and you see your self as an educator, a coach, a motivator!  But a SALESPERSON? Not a chance!! When we think of "sales" we envision the high-pressure, pushy, stereotype of the car...
  • So You Think You Want to be an Entrepreneur?
    Think about when you decided to become a Personal Trainer or a Group Exercise Instructor? What did you do? My guess is that first you did some research to find out what was required. You then found out that you had to become certified. So you then researched the different certifications a...
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