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I found the content questions and assignments after each lesson the most valuable because it forced me to review the material and apply it to myself and my own business. Along the assignments the feedback from the online mentors was really helpful.

This made the class possible for me to schedule and take on my own time with out taking away from my family and professional time

Jim F
Online Personal Trainer Student

New Renewal Requirement - W.I.T.S. requires .1 W.I.T.S. CEU program that has the IACET standard. The International Association of Continuing Education and Training is the highest quality worldwide standard for Continuing Education Unit. The other groups that we have approved for W.I.T.S. CEC's are at our minimum standard. You can get other programs of interest for as many as 9 CEC's from these approved vendors. 1 W.I.T.S. CEC = 1 OFC CEC to renew in Canada.


W.I.T.S. CEU/CEC Courses ^ top


W.I.T.S. Certifications ^ top







Fitness Business Institute^ top


Special Note: Did you know that taking a certification course online or live assures you of W.I.T.S. CEU's to renew too?! Check out a favorite specialty topic and expand your resume. View certifications



FLS CEC Courses ^ top

FLS is an official IACET Approved Provider. W.I.T.S. respects this international educational review which assures the highest in content quality. These workshops are recommended and approved to count as an W.I.T.S. course for renewal! If you have multiple certifications from other organizations you should request that they honor the highest CEU standard in the world for their certification.

Buoyancy Stretche3 – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Children’s Aquatic Fitness Programming – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Burdenko Water Walkers: General Fitness Conditioning Applications for Group Fitness and Personal Training – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Essential Aqua Pilates – 6 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Gravity vs Buoyancy: Friend and Foe – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Aquatic Fitness Principles for the Larger Adult – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Aquatic Programming for Pregnancy and Postpartum – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

PNF in the Pool – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Aquatic Personal Training Programming – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Introduction to Aquatic Personal Training – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Aqua Options 1 – 5 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Aqua Options 2: Special Populations & Post Rehab Fitness Training – 5 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Aqua Magic Moves 1 – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Aqua Magic Moves 2 – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

BackSplash: Aquatic PostRehabilitation for People with Back Pain – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Advanced Aqua Pilates – 6 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Restore the Core: Integrated Core Training for Real World Function – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Super Abdominals: Essential Rules of Excellence – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Applied Anatomy: Land and Water – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Core Complete Training: A Systematic Approach for Aesthetic Core Development – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

The Issue of Aging – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Exercise Guidelines for Balance and Fall Prevention – 5 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

A Simple Study or Exercise and Caloric Consumption – 1 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Determining Intensity with Aquatic Heart Rates – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

The Ninety Day Success Express: A Proven System for Building a Personal Training Client Base in Just 90 Days – 8 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Basic Measurement and Body Composition Assessment – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Biomechanics of Low Back Pain – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Return to Life: Breast Cancer Recovery Using Pilates– 6 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Functional Training for All Ages – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Fitness Intelligence for Fitness Professionals: Land Exercises: Program 1 – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

The Functional Foot and Ankle Level 1 – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Health Appraisal and Risk Assessment – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Fitness Intelligence for Fitness Professionals: Land Exercises: Program 2 – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Fitness Intelligence for Fitness Professionals - Land Exercises Program 3 – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Pilates Based Exercise and Philosophy for Land and Water Instructors and Personal Trainers – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

A Fitness Professional’s Guide to Proper Pronunciation of Anatomical Terminology: MUSCLES – 1 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Exercise and Sleep – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Breast Cancer Recovery: On Land and In Water – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Kinesiology for the Fitness Professional – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Application of Water Exercise for Health Fitness Professionals Specializing in Pain Management – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Essential Exercises for Cancer Patients and Survivors – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Post Polio Water Work: Conserve to Preserve – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Core Conditioning Camp: Part 1 – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Beauty and the Beast – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Under the Microscope - YoU! – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Hi Low Choreography for Everybody – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Transitioning Personal Training from Land to Water – 11 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

AAHF CEC Courses ^ top

SrFit™ Second Edition Specialty Certification - 22 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Cancer and the Older Adult - 2 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Strength Training Older Adults - 12 W.I.T.S. CEC's

The Janda System of Evaluation and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance - 18 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription for All Ages - 20 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Exercise Management of Chronic Diseases and Disabilities for All Ages - 20 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Developing Agility and Quickness for Sport Performance - 8 W.I.T.S. CEC's

JrFit™ Specialty Certification - 22 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Nutrition for Special Dietary Needs - 10 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Back Stability: Integrating Science and Therapy - 16 W.I.T.S. CEC's

AHF CEC Courses ^ top

The New Mind-Body Approach to Posture, Movement, and Well-Being - 15 WITS CEC

Cardio-Cabaret: Belly Dance Fitness - 20 WITS CEC

Pro-active Postural Restructuring - 20 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Adult Beginner Ballet Fitness - 15 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Enlighten Your Body - 18 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers - 20 W.I.T.S. CEC's

The Vinyasa Specialist - 12 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Holistic Fitness Specialty Certificate - 20 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Yoga Teacher Training Course - 23 W.I.T.S. CEC's

New Ideas for Today's Yoga Classes - 13 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Floor Beam Fitness - 11 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Yoga for Menopause - 20 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Yoga for Wellness Coaching – 22 WITS CECs

IDEA CEC Courses ^ top

Metabolic Meltdown – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Quick Fix Workouts – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Top 40 Exercises for Training the Four Pillars – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

That's Not Cardio...Is It? Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Secrets of Glute Training – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Six Steps to Better Program Design – 1 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Smart Programming for the Peri- and Postmenopausal Woman – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Fit as a Fighter – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Women, Weights and Results – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Women, Metabolism and the Hormonal Highway! Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Banishing Fat Talk Course – 1 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Threshold Metabolic Training (For Cycling) – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Eating Green – 1 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Sugar Sabotage! – 1 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Going Veg – 1 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Vegecipes Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Eating Out the Right Way Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Kids Fitness: Games, Games and More Games! – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

"Eat Your Vegetables!" and Other Mistakes Parents Make – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Play, Passion and Profit: Formula for Designing Youth Athletic Programs Course – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Mambo Mania– 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Step Thrills and Body Bar Drills – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Cardio Ballet Dance: Chix Can Tutu Too! – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Research on the Core: Understanding the Basics - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Going For Greatness! Business Solutions for Entrepreneurs - CEC Course – 3 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Low-Back Pain: Prevention and Intervention – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Metabolic Training: The New Cardio Program – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

4-Day Rotation: Limitless Options for Group Strength – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Dynamic Warm-Up Progressions – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Buddy Up! - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Partner Tubing - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Creating Boot Camps for Zoomers - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Beyond a Website: Virtual Tools for Attracting Real-World Clients - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Applying Movement Assessments Effectively - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Done in 30 Minutes! - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

25 Things Your Client Must Know About Lower-Back Pain - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Body Weight Training: Perception Meets Reality - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Boxing for a Better Core - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s


Small-Group Training: A Win-Win! - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls: Growing Your Business and Reducing Liability Exposure - CEC Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Powerful Teaching: Group Ex Essentials Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Introduction to Kettlebell Training for Fitness Professionals Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

No Bones About It! Osteoporosis Update Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Where Do I Start? The Trainer's Guide to Exercise Prescription Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Functional Exercise: From Bias to Continuum Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Ultimate Six Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Sports Core: The Power Water Workout Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

The Eight Essentials of Program Design Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Metabolic Syndrome Course – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Diabetes and Exercise – 2 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Boot Camp Complete - CEC Course – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s

Additional CEC Courses ^ top

BWI - Health Promotion Coordinator Certification

BWI - Personal Health Certification

Empower Kickboxing Fitness Home Study Course - 22 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Indoor Cycling Basics - 3 W.I.T.S. CEC's

Step Basics - 5 W.I.T.S. CEC's

W.I.T.S. Online 24/7 Study Tools ^ top

Personal Trainer Foundations

Personal Trainer Practical Review

Personal Trainer Practice Exam

Group Exercise Practice Exam

Older Adult Fitness Specialist Retired Exams


Textbooks ^ top

Fitness Professional's Handbook-6th Edition

Personal Trainers - Guide to Earning Top Dollar: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Maximizing Your Income as a Personal Trainer


Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, 3rd Ed. & Group Exercise Cardiovascular Fitness Combo

Youth Strength Training & Fitnessgram/Activitygram Combo

SrFitTM  2nd Edition

Running Well

Hatha Yoga Illustrated

Scientific Advertising


Lifestyle Wellness Coaching - 2nd Edition

Successful Programs for Fitness and Health Clubs

ABLE Bodies Balance Training

Guiding Yoga's Light: Lessons for Yoga Teachers

Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan

Fitness Management


Motivating People to Be Physically Active-2nd Edition

Nutritional Supplements: What Works and Why






Clothing/Equipment ^ top

Muscle Head Gym Rat T Shirt

Muscle Head Where is my competition? T Shirt

Muscle Head 24/7/365 T Shirts

Muscle Head Muscle, Power & Fear! T Shirts


Manual Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor (HEM-432C)


Digital Premium Pedometer (HJ-112)

Pedometer with Calorie Counter



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