Webinar Series: 8 Sales Skills Every Personal Trainer Must Master


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Webinars will take place LIVE online on Tuesdays at 3:00PM EDT starting on 9/18/18.
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8 Sales Skills Every Personal Trainer Must Master

Students will learn valuable skills and tools in order to be successful as a Personal Trainer including the top 8 sales skills necessary to master in order to excel in the fitness industry and turn your job into a career.  Topics include Delivering an Effective Client Consultation, The Why is Why They Buy, N.P.T.S.M. (the top 5 objections you must overcome prior to pricing), Qualifying Questions, Best Strategies When Pricing a Client, Overcoming Objections, Using Habit Trackers and Closing Statements.

Learning Outcomes / Webinar Line-Up

Webinars will take place LIVE on Tuesdays @ 3:00 PM EDT starting on 9/18/18.
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Includes access to recordings of the webinars for one year.

  1. Webinar 1 – Client Consultations (60 minutes) – 9/18/18 @ 3PM EDT
    Students will understand the various ways of conducting client consultations including how to build rapport, building value, improve communication, proper aesthetics, body language and other important factors for effective client consultations.
  2. Webinar 2 – The Why Is Why They Buy (60 minutes) – 9/25/18 @ 3PM EDT
    Students will understand the concept of “the why is why they buy” and be able to successfully identify the “why” in their clients, define emotional selling and how to use this to their selling advantage; students will also be able to recite specific questions that help elicit the “why” in a client.
  3. Webinar 3 – N.P.T.S.M. as Needs, Procrastination, Time, Spouse, and Money (60 minutes) – 10/2/18 @ 3PM EDT
    Students will be able to identify the acronym N.P.T.S.M. as Needs, Procrastination, Time, Spouse, and Money as it relates to the sale and will understand that these are the top 5 objections to overcome prior to pricing a client. Students will also learn methods on how to overcome each one individually.
  4. Webinar 4 – Qualifying Questions (60 minutes) – 10/9/18 @ 3PM EDT
    Students will be able to comprehend and define what a Qualifying Question is, the importance of it and when to use.  Students will see the importance of these questions and how to us them before, during and after consultations.
  5. Webinar 5 – Overcome Objections (60 minutes) – 10/16/18 @ 3PM EDT
    Students will be able to quickly identify and comfortably overcome the top 7 objections personal trainers face with every sale using the NPTSM model and the set of “chops” they have learned.
  6. Webinar 6 – Pricing a Client (60 minutes) – 10/23/18 @ 3PM EDT
    Students will understand various ways of pricing a client and will use the STOMP and K.I.S.S. methods in order to present prices in the clearest most concise way for every client without confusion.
  7. Webinar 7 – Using Habit Trackers (60 minutes) – 10/30/18 @ 3PM EDT
    Students will understand the importance of Habit Trackers and how it helps understand not only the client’s current state of health and habits but is also a tool to understand where they are spending their money and other unaccountable items.
  8. Webinar 8 – Closing Statements (60 minutes) – 11/6/18 @ 3PM EDT
    Students will be able to successfully close more sales by understanding how to ask for the sale and which closing statement to use for any given situation.

Presenter Bio

Suzanne RichSuzanne Rich is a fitness sales and marketing consultant with over 20 years of sales experience, owned a fitness center for 10 years, holds a Bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island College and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree with Rowan University in Corporate Wellness Programming.  Suzanne also holds a current and active personal training certification, group fitness certifications (including 3 Les Mills programs) and multiple other advanced credentials in the industry for over 20 years.

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