Transitioning Personal Training from Land to Water


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You can’t just do land exercise in the water- it is not effective! This certificate program consists of 3 eLearning programs to help you build a strong foundation for personal training in the water. Understanding the principles of the water, how water affects human movement, the effects of submersion on the body and cardiorespiratory system, and recommended movement and formats for aquatic exercise enable you to build safe and effective programs for your clients. **A current and valid Land Personal Training Certification is required for this course.

Course 1: Introduction to Aquatic Personal Training (3 Hours)
If you want to be successful as an aquatic personal trainer, learn about the special benefits and qualities the aquatic environment has to offer and incorporate that knowledge into your personal training sessions. This course will start you on your way to becoming a successful aquatic personal trainer.

Course 2: Personal Training Programming (4 Hours)
This program teaches you aquatic program formats as well as shallow and deep water exercise techniques. Learn the proper way to determine, monitor, and manipulate intensity in the aquatic environment, a skill critical to the success of your client making progress and reaching goals.

Course 3: Applied Anatomy: Land and Water (4 Hours)
Expand your knowledge of basic muscle action in both land and water. Video, charts, and pictures help you grasp the concept of effective movement and targeting muscles with and without equipment for both environments. Learn the principles of aquatic resistance training.

Certificate Price: $139.95

After completing each course, successful completion of a continuing education quiz (3 total) is required to earn the certificate.

Education Level: Beginner to Advanced
Perequisites: W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer Certification
Target Audience: Personal Trainers who want to expand their practice to the
aquatic environment.
Approved for: 11.0 ACSM, 10 AEA, NCSF 5.5, 11 W.I.T.S, 1.0 NSCA, 3.0
NFPT and many more.

Transitioning Personal Training from Land to Water: Plus Certificate

Want Practical Aquatic Training for your staff? Contact
to find out how an aquatic specialist can come to your facility and provide 8 hours of practical aquatic training to compliment these eLearning courses.
Additional $109.00 per person. Minimum of 15 participants required.

Additional organization approval and additional credits available for the Plus Certificate.

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