Training for Tennis Success – 3 CECs



“The sport of tennis requires strength, flexibility, power, endurance and speed. Each of these components requires a well -trained muscular system” (p.1)

This is where you-the personal trainer- can help your clients improve their game. We are not going to discuss tennis strategy and teach the basics of tennis. Instead, you will learn how to create dynamic workouts specifically for the needs of a tennis player. You will learn items such as: How does the type of playing style affect the player? How does the type of court impact what their workout should look like? What are the most common tennis injuries and how to prevent them.

This Training for Tennis Success course is a great addition to your knowledge base. Learn the proper techniques, workouts, stretching and safety needed for clients to improve their tennis game.

This Tennis course includes 3 hours of instruction and testing. In order to successfully complete this course and receive 3 CECs, you must complete all modules, participate in all activities, and pass your final written exam with at least a 70% score.

Tennis Anatomy Recommended Text: Tennis Anatomy by E. Paul Roetert, Mark S. Kovacs. Second edition. | Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, 2020. ISBN 978 ISBN 9781492590583 |

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