Strength Band Training – 3 CECs


3 CECs


As leaders in the fitness industry personal trainers and group exercise instructors must quickly adapt in order to retain and deliver quality workouts to our clients.  Recent events have forced many of us to train clients remotely and without access to a plethora of resistance equipment like cable machines and dumbbells. By introducing strength bands, otherwise known as resistance bands into your client’s training routine you can continue to deliver custom exercise programming while producing results much the same as traditional weight training. This small, multifaceted, and inexpensive piece of equipment can be easily incorporated in virtual, private, or socially distant group sessions. They provide an array of exercise choices for rehabilitation, sports performance enhancement, and functional exercise appropriate across age groups. A must-have piece of equipment for your toolbox of training options.  The Strength Band Training course will dive into the upper-body. lower-body, core stability, and flexibility exercises that can be seamlessly incorporated into your client’s routine.

Online Course Access Statement
All of our online courses have 6 month full 24/7 access to complete your online program.  The experience is awesome, simple and very digestible for the novice fitness enthusiast.