SrFit (2nd edition)


330 pages

The SrFit textbook is used for advanced training for Certified Personal Trainers who wish to work with the older adult. As a personal trainer, you need to know how to safely and effectively serve this special clientele. This book will become even more important as the industry sets standards. As the medical community and insurance companies begin to recognize personal trainers as a viable option, this textbook will enable trainers to participate effectively. This is a required text for our the older adult certification course.

Introduction – Physical inactivity is a major health risk to people of all ages.
Aging: What Is It? – A look at chronological vs. biological age, and a detailed look at how aging affects every organ system.
General Diet and Nutrition – General information on things like trans-fats and fiber, and also a discussion of the effects of aging on the nutritional health of older people.
Lifestyle Modifications, Risk Factors and Disease – A look at different lifestyle and chronic diseases and in-depth explanations of risk factors and the positive changes that people should be making.
Health Assessment, Evaluation and Fitness Testing – Who needs to consult a doctor, health assessment tools, and fitness testing specifics for older adults.
Flexibility – Guidelines specific to seniors and exercises to increase flexibility, and specific programs for different purposes.
Endurance – Guidelines specific to seniors and a discussion of exercises to increase endurance, along with a special section of “alternative exercises” suited to special circumstances such as water exercise, lack of equipment, and the need for the client to be seated.
Strength Training – Guidelines specific to seniors and exercises to increase strength, with the focus on exercises that incorporate the balance ball, resistance bands and dumbbells.
Chronic Diseases and Exercise – Exercise considerations when designing programs for clients with specific chronic diseases.
Low Back Pain, Posture and Balance – A discussion of each of these areas, with specific exercises to fight low back pain, improve posture and balance.
Lifetime Sports: Golf, Tennis and Swimming – Specific exercises that will improve your client’s game (and make you their hero!), along with information on getting clients involved in the Senior Olympics.
Motivation – Identification of exercise barriers for older adults, the six stages of exercise adoption and understanding ageism.
Building Your Business as a Personal Trainer of Older Adults – Insights and in-depth information resources aimed at helping you build your business as a personal trainer of older adults; including recommendations for business, marketing and publicity tools from experts in those fields.
Web Links – Links to files containing forms like the health assessment form and physician cover letter that were discussed in SrFit.

SrFit (2nd edition) – 330 pages

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