Return to Life: Breast Cancer Recovery Using Pilates


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Author: Naomi Aaronson MA OTR/L and Ann Marie Turo OTR/L
Provider: Fitness Learning Systems

After breast cancer surgery and treatment women suffer from decreased range of motion, pain, altered body image, lymphedema and loss of function. Cancer is a disease that affects mind and body. Using a holistic approach such as Pilates can help survivors regain a connection to their bodies and thus facilitate their “return to life.”

Through this course, you will learn a three phase program that will facilitate a well organized progression of Pilates mat exercises. You can incorporate Pilates as part of your general exercise program or use Pilates along with a cardiovascular program such as walking or stationary cycling for a well rounded fitness program even during treatment.  You do not have to be a Pilates instructor to use these exercises in group fitness and personal training. Video included for exercises.

# of Hours: 6

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