PNF in the Pool


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Author: Terri Mitchell PTA, David Ogden PT and Juila Meno-Fettig CTRS ATRI
Provider: Fitness Learning Systems

This course offers basic education about PNF patterns for the arms and legs and PNF techniques appropriate for performance in the aquatic environment. PNF patterns are crucial to basic function and are the first patterns to go in the aging, injury, or disease process. Help your clients maintain and reinforce these patterns. Also shared are approaches and methods developed by the authors over a period of years working with a variety of diagnoses. A knowledge and application of PNF patterns enables the aquatic practitioner to determine functional muscular imbalances during client performance and to address them. Video demonstration of the exercises reinforce the concepts.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what PNF movements are and how we use them in everyday activities.
  • Properly perform PNF diagonal movements and teach them to patients, clients or class participants.
  • Implement PNF patterns in an aquatic therapy program.
  • Implement PNF movements in a land based therapeutic setting.
  • Incorporate PNF movements into aquatic fitness classes.

# of Hours: 4

Certification Agency# of CECs

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