CPT Level 1 Retest Registration Information


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Please call if you have questions at 888-330- 9487.

Exam pre-qualifiers and standards will be the same as the original national test. Please refer to the candidate handbook area for any refresher details.

Candidates must register 35 days prior to the examination date to guarantee acceptance at a testing site. Candidates who were unsuccessful on the written portion or practical portion may retake the examination up to 2 times within 12 months at a reduced rate of $125 per exam.

  • Select the exam(s) you want to retest.
  • Select a CPT Level 1 National Test Date below. *Date subject to change to work in with a national local test date if space allows. Retest Policy: W.I.T.S. offers a retest once a quarter so we can allow a candidate time to review and refresh on the materials to be successful. This exam date closes out 35 days prior to the scheduled exam date. At that time a new retest exam date for the next quarter will be listed for registering to take either the written or practical skill exam. The 4 scheduled dates each year are spaced for giving the candidate time to study and for the testing department to adequately staff the exams with the coordinating location/site.
  • Voucher recipients: Where did you originally take the test with your national test voucher?
    Non-voucher candidates: Please enter the city and state testing site from your previous exam date.
  • I understand that location sites, as well as exam dates, are subject to change due to emergency issues of natural environmental issues, COVID issues, the availability of the location(s), etc. In such cases, the next closest location will be made available or we will reschedule to make it work.
  • I acknowledge that I have read and agree with the retest terms and conditions listed in the description section below.
  • Do you need Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accommodations? If so, please download this form and send all ADA official document forms to witstesting@witseducation.com so we can share them with the hosting college for assistance. Delays in receiving the paperwork for verification can delay your test being delivered on time.
  • We care about our student trainers, teachers and testers. Therefore, if requested by the site location we may be required to wear a mask to enter the gym or college location at the assigned time/s.
  • I confirm that all cancellations need to occur a full 7 days prior to the scheduled exams in order to receive a refund of my testing fees.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Registration and payment must be received 35 days prior to re-test date in order to guarantee your spot for the retest weekend. (No refunds.)
  2. The retest fee is $125.00 per exam. (written knowledge exam or the practical skill competency exam)
  3. If you cannot attend your scheduled retest, there will be a $75 re-scheduling fee. Rescheduling must be done 7 days prior to the testing date during business hours. Office hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm EST. Any student who fails to appear for their scheduled retest time, without proper written notice to reschedule, will forfeit their original retest fee.
  4. Retest offer is only good for 12 months from your original class sign up date. Retesting is limited to 2 attempts per student. (Please note if you register and then choose to not test or reschedule there are no refunds)
  5. Students will be notified via email 6 days prior to retest date of time, day, location and tester. You must notify us 7 days prior if you cannot attend.
  6. Exam dates are subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances.(Ex. COVID, Weather, site availability, etc.)
  7. Retest locations to be determined based on the area registrations.
  8. All testing candidates are required bring a valid government issued photo ID to exam/s.
  9. Core Knowledge retest candidates are required to bring either a #2 pencil or a dark ink pen such as blue or black ink.
  10. W.I.T.S. will send you your results by secured e-mail within a maximum of 30 days of the exam date.
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