Personal Trainer Programming: A Model Approach (October 2020) Webinar Quiz


1 CEC webinar and quiz for W.I.T.S. renewal

Personal Trainer Programming: A Model Approach

Presented: October 2020

Fitness programming simplified by using existing models as a formula for writing workouts and overall programs for clients at all levels of fitness.

Learning Outcomes: After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Create a J.A.M. Chart to better understand functional anatomy.
  2. Use the “Four Pillars of Human Movement” to write workouts.
  3. Understand the “Joint by Joint Approach” and how to use it to create and maintain healthy movement patterns.

Tony Thomas is an award winning fitness educator at the University of Texas at Austin where he’s been a WITS instructor for ten years and teaches some of the largest classes in the WITS system. He owns Kilter Fitness in Austin, TX where he has a full-time personal training practice and mentors trainers at all levels.

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