JrFit Youth Fitness Specialist Program


JrFit™ Youth Fitness Specialist home study continuing education course provides advanced training for experienced, certified health and fitness professionals who wish to safely and successfully work with youth. In this course, compelling reasons and comprehensive information are presented for reversing the pervasive problem of youth inactivity and the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. This course offers a highly effective plan for enabling young people to increase their health and fitness through well-researched, safe, effective and enjoyable programs of physical conditioning, sport-specific training and nutrition. These practical recommendations include guidelines for sensible strength training and healthy eating for ages 7 to 18.

JrFit™ qualifies for the following continuing education credits:

ACE  2.0  (ACSM and the YMCA accept ACE CECs)
AFAA  15.0
BCRPA  20.0
BOC Category A 9.75
CPTN 14.0
HFPA  2.0
ISSA  20.0
NAFC  2.0
NASM  1.9
NASN  2.0
NETA  20.0
NFPT  2.0
PTA Global  20.0
WITS  22.0

The American Academy of Health and Fitness (BOC AP#: P3645) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Certified Athletic Trainers. This program is eligible for a maximum of 9.75 Category A hours/CEUs.

AT Level of Difficulty: Advanced
AT Domains: (1=Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection; 2= Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis; 3= Immediate and Emergency Care; 4= Treatment and Rehabilitation; 5= Organizational and Professional Health and Well‐being): 1, 4

Certified health and fitness professionals holding more than one certification may obtain CECs/CEUS for all approved certification organizations (see list above) for which they need continuing education at no additional cost.


Course Materials: This course includes Youth Strength Training (248 pages) by Faigenbaum and Westcott; Athletic Fitness for Kids (184 pages) by Lancaster and Teodorescu; and FUEL for YOUNG ATHLETES (192 pages) by Litt; a 120-page workbook and a 100-question multiple-choice test and qualifies for up to 24 hours of CEU credit with major certifying organizations. Instructions for completing the online examination and obtaining CEU credit are also included. Note: Course materials are sent through USPS Priority Mail.




Overall objective: To instruct already certified and experienced fitness professionals so they are able to build upon their existing knowledge and skill to safely and effectively work with the youth population and help reverse the trend of over fat, under fit, inactive youth and adults. More specifically the trainer should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how to guide youth in developing a functional musculoskeletal system.
  2. Develop and implement safe and effective program prescriptions; correct training techniques and form; and injury prevention for youth.
  3. Select appropriate equipment and develop exercises for entire body essential movements; including flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina, strength, speed and agility.
  4. Conduct sports specific training/activities; including power, jumping, striking and endurance.
  5. Identify with what motivates youth and create an age friendly environment.
  6. Summarize dietary needs for muscle development, weight gain or loss, strength, endurance and sports specific nutrition.



Table of Contents:

Part 1 – Youth Strength Training

Introduction: Youth Strength Training
Chapter 1: Ready to Train
Chapter 2: Program Prescription
Chapter 3: Exercise Technique and Training Procedures
Chapter 4: Free Weights
Chapter 5: Weight Machines
Chapter 6: Elastic Bands and Medicine Balls
Chapter 7: Body Weight Training
Chapter 8: General Preparation
Chapter 9: Basic Strength and Power for Ages 7 to 10
Chapter 10: Intermediate Strength and Power for Ages 11 to 14
Chapter 11: Advanced Strength and Power for Ages 15 to 18
Chapter 12: Sport-Specific Strength and Power for Young Athletes
Chapter 13: Periodization and Recovery
Chapter 14: Eating For Strength

Part 2 – Athletic Fitness for Kids

Chapter 1: The Athletic Fitness Method
Chapter 2: Set Up the Program
Chapter 3: Improve Flexibility
Chapter 4: Gain Coordination
Chapter 5: Building Balance
Chapter 6: Boost Stamina
Chapter 7: Increase Strength
Chapter 8: Maximize Speed
Chapter 9: Enhance Agility

Part 3 – Fuel for Young Athletes

Chapter 1: Food Functions for Developing Athletes
Chapter 2: Nutrition Essentials for Sports
Chapter 3: Fluids for Athletes
Chapter 4: Fuel for Muscle Development
Chapter 5: Eating for Endurance Training
Chapter 6: Tactics for Gaining Weight
Chapter 7: Lessons on Losing Weight
Chapter 8: Dietary Details for Specific Sports
Chapter 9: High Performance Meal Planning
Chapter 10: Fast-Break Food Favorites
Chapter 11: Beyond the Standard Game Plan with Supplements
Chapter 12: Special Nutrition Needs for Pre-Adolescent Athletes
Chapter 13: Strategies for Overcoming Disordered Eating
Chapter 14: Championship Winning Recipes for Young Athletes

Answer Key for Self-Tests 

Some Expert Endorsements

The obesity statistics depicting our nation’s youth is staggering. The fitness industry is now being called upon to provide information and programming for this very important population. JrFit examines the specific needs of children regarding exercise, and what it takes to create and teach kid’s fitness programs. I highly recommend the JrFit program, I have been leading and developing children’s fitness programs for fifteen years and the American Academy of Health and Fitness has orchestrated the perfect specialty certificate to support your success in youth fitness.

Cammy Dennis, BS (Business Administration),
CPT and Certified Group Exercise Instructor (ACE and AAFA)
Fitness Director of On Top of the World Communities, Inc.
SCW Fitness Education Faculty Member
Co-author and presenter – Kids in Motion
Ocala, FL


JrFit is an excellent, comprehensive program that addresses youth fitness and nutrition. This program helped me start a youth fitness program for kids both wanting to try-out for sports or just learn about being active. I also found that parents and families enjoy the nutrition programs, as they help the entire family live healthier. The books are irreplaceable resources for Athletic Training students looking for more creative ways to address youth fitness and conditioning to ready the return injured athletes.

Trish DeVincentis, BS Ed, ATC, EMT-B
Grove City, PA


The JrFit course is an excellent choice for today’s fitness professional looking to work with youth.  The program is comprehensive and will prepare anyone looking to make a positive impact in youth fitness or more advanced athletic preparation.  I will recommend this course as an essential piece to learning the ins and outs of training youth and adolescents.

Marco Ferdinandi, MS, CSCS, PES
Regional Director of Fitness
Town Sports International
New York, N.Y.


JrFit provides the fitness professional (personal trainers, coaches, athletic trainers) with the information necessary to design sound conditioning programs for both the young athlete and growing adolescent. It dispels the myths and fears associated with youth strength training and offers research based recommendations for strength training and sports skill development, coupled with sound nutritional advice the entire family can benefit from.

Robert M. Gaudio, CPT
Owner of Work Out by Design, LLC
East Haddam, CT


JrFit IS the definitive course for fitness professionals desiring a science based, comprehensive approach to training today’s youth. I highly recommend JrFit. Tammy Petersen has done a great job creating a valuable course that fills a gap in our industry. JrFit was an excellent tool for expanding my current knowledge and training ability. I found the course to be properly organized, the information was scientifically sound, and the textbooks were authoritative for this specialty.

Heath Gay, BA (kinesiology), CPT (ACE & NSCA)
Owner of Rocky Mountain Fitness Services
Senior Instructor NPTI-Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO


JrFit™ provides an outstanding collection of resources for fitness professionals interested in improving the health, fitness, and athletic performance of youth and adolescent populations. Programming to address the epidemic of childhood obesity has been among the top three industry trends, as identified by the ACSM’s Worldwide Fitness Trends Survey, every year from 2007 to 2010. Fitness professionals completing the JrFit™ program will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively meet the demands of this rapidly-growing population of young exercisers.

Michael Iserman, BS, CSCS, HFI, NASM-CPT
Director of Personal Training
YMCA of Greater St. Paul & Metropolitan Minneapolis


JrFit is exactly what I was looking for! The course materials are structured and organized in a professional way, providing easy study and absorption of the content! The information within the program is presented in a comprehensive, yet practical (information is detailed, but easy to understand – not written in a highly scientific or technically complex format) way that has allowed me to be able to immediately apply the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively train children for fitness and/or athletic sports conditioning. In the JrFit program, it is easy to distinguish between the information related to general fitness training and athletic sports conditioning for kids. This is important because not all kids have the desire to train athletically, but all children should be involved in training that will benefit their overall health and wellness. The structure of this program provides a progressive learning path that will develop highly skilled and proficient trainers who will have the potential to save our youth from the negative effects of inactivity and obesity. Thank you for creating such a high quality program!

Tim Rochford, CPT (ACE, The Cooper Institute, and NSCA),
5th degree Black Belt
Owner of Empower Training Systems, Inc.
ACE Continuing Education Provider
Empower Kickboxing Fitness (formerly Martial Fitness Kickboxing) developer and trainer
Proactive Personal Security Self Defense Instructor Training Program developer and trainer
Yorkville, IL


I am confident that, like me, you will find JrFit an excellent resource for training children of all ages and fitness levels.

Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., CSCS
Fitness Research Director at the South Shore YMCA
Quincy, MA


The JrFit Program has all the detailed information you’ll need to create comprehensive and customized fitness and sports conditioning programs for children and adolescents alike.  The nutritional component is also very informative.  There’s nothing else out there that comes close to this wealth of information and ideas.

Sharon Snider Wortham, CPT (NASM & ISSA)
Owner of Fitness Revolution
Huntington Beach, California



Online Course Access Statement
All of our online courses have 6 month full 24/7 access to complete your online program. Our programs are mentored with front line top veteran fitness educators and leaders. The experience is awesome, simple and very digestible for the novice fitness enthusiast.