Gravity vs Buoyancy: Friend and Foe – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s


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Author: Tina Schmidt-McNulty MS CES
Provider: Fitness Learning Systems

This course explores the basic properties of gravity and buoyancy and how these properties affect movement and equipment use on land and in the aquatic environment. Exercise and equipment options are given for all primary muscle groups for land and water resistance training. This course is an easy to access, comprehensive library of resistance training exercises with video, written explanations, variations and safety information beneficial to both land and aquatic health-fitness professionals. Many video demonstrations are included.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define mass and discuss its relationship to gravity and center of gravity.
  • Define density and discuss its relationship to buoyancy and center of buoyancy.
  • Identify other forms of resistance in a fluid environment.
  • Identify joint motions and apply different forms of resistance to land and water exercise.
  • Learn several exercises using resistance in land and water exercise.

# of Hours: 4

Certification Agency# of CECs

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