Golf Wellness Specialist


Course Hours/CEUS: 5 Hours / 5 WITS CECS

Course Price: $79

Learning Format: Online Course

Bonus Course Components
—Video Content
—Trainer & Client Charts
—Customizable Training Plans
—Client Handouts

Course Hours/CECs:  5 Hours / WITS CEC Award = 5

Note: Continuing Education Credits (CECs/CEUs) will only be applied for certified fitness professionals or other health professionals. This course is also approved by many other certification companies—so if you have a double certification the CECs may be able to be applied for that certification as well.

Course Level: Entry/Intermediate

Course Description

Research has shown that most golfers do not properly warm-up to improve performance and lower the risk of injury.

Help your golfers shave strokes off of their game and achieve and maintain flexibility. This course provides systematic conditioning and a healthy approach to golf, including exercise, nutrition and other aspects of wellness.

This step-by-step Specialist Course will help you expand your marketability to golf enthusiasts who need to improve their flexibility to play a better, safer and have a more enjoyable round of golf.

Course Objectives

  • Acquire knowledge of what golfers should be doing prior to teeing off and while playing a round of golf.
  • Learn the protective measures that a golfer must take to play safe and effective rounds of golf.
  • Obtain knowledge on educating golfers on how to warm-up, stretch and eat properly when golfing.
  • Understand why certain stretches are important and how they help golfers on the course.
  • Gain insight on common golf injury sites in amateur and professional golfers.
  • Provide appropriate instructional cues for proper form and exercise technique.
  • Discover and learn a series of effective golf specific exercises and movements that will help to prepare the athlete for a round of golf.
  • Help clients understand the best nutritional and hydration choices on the golf course.
  • Prepare clients with information on other essential wellness tips.
  • Gain advice tips on reaching the target group and establishing your credentials.
  • Present techniques (for example 30 minute instructional sessions) to the golf community.

Course Reviews

“Great course! Great info! Easy to follow and understand. Highly recommend! Thanks.” – Stacy Nard, NETA Certified Professional 

“Valuable tools and key stretches/exercises for on course golf wellness. I plan on holding a seminar at my work! Great course, thank you!” – Michael Marrone, ACE Certified Professional 

“I have gained great basic knowledge of what golfers should be doing prior to teeing off and while playing a round of golf. I think I will market the 9-Hole Stretch as a “Special” to learn these moves to help their golf game prior and during their round. I will provide a 30 Minute instructional session plus a print out with the 9 stretches and their benefits.” – Amy McAndrew, ACE Certified Professional 

“Great information for my golfing clients. I have many clients wanting to get in shape to better their golfing game and many don’t understand that preconditioning will help them tremendously – this helped me get the basics for what I need to teach them.” – Claudine Martin, ACE Certified Professional 

“I understand more of the why certain stretches are important instead of just knowing they are. I now have a program that I can use to produce a golf specific stretch class.” – Benjamin Nihart, ISSA Certified Professional 

“The course has given me a clear understanding how I can prevent my clients from getting injuries while playing golf. It also provides great examples of how a golfer can improve their golf mechanics and energy when playing golf. I look forward to educating my golfers on how to warm up, stretch and eat properly when golfing, so they can get the most out of their game.” – Michael Koprich, ACE Certified Professional 

“Stretches to teach golfers, adequate warm-up and important hydration information. I am moving to an area with several Country Clubs and intend on training in the facilities.” – Micki Fisher, ACE Certified Professional 

“Great course to get back to basics. Very professionally organized and presented. Useful teaching and instructing tool.” – Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional 

“It is important to me to be educated in many areas so that I can offer my clients a variety of education and information for different aspects of their lives. I feel this course met my expectations. I am looking forward to the opportunity to use what I have learned through taking this course. I plan to offer group and individual training sessions.” – Cynthia Guggisberg, Certified Professional 

“I am a retired project executive from IBM working on my second career as a personal trainer for senior aged people. The standards of excellence at IBM are second to none and the quality of the GMP Fitness product would easily meet those high IBM standards. “This was a great course. Well organized, well documented and illustrated. The materials that were provided are first class. I enjoy GMP very much and the customer service is relentless.” – Ted Hart, WITS Certified Professional 

“Thank you for your commitment to quality! The courses I have taken from GMP have always been good sources of information and professionally sound.” – Roberta Best, ISSA Certified Professional 

“Thank you so much. I was surprised of how quick you responded. I appreciate the convenience of doing this at home. I will surely continue studying this way in the future. Thanks for your excellent service.” – Blanca Lilis Deal, WITS Certified Professional 

“Great Course, I love GMP. The process was easy to make sure I was getting what I needed to earn my CEU credits.” – Sara Jo Wurm, NASM Certified Professional 

Exam Facts
✓ 25 question online true/false and multiple/choice final exam.
✓ Passing the exam with 80% or higher.
✓ NO time limit to take the exam.
✓ Three attempts to pass the exam with NO retest fees.

Course Bonus

We recommend completing a course from 1 year of your purchase date, but for your convenience all of our online courses have lifetime /24/7 access to complete your online program.

“I gained a vast amount of knowledge and really enjoyed the fact that there was no time limit on the course or exam. I got tools to grasp the concept and based on my new knowledge I can now give new ideas to my clients. This was a GREAT course!” – J.C., Certified Professional

Customer Course Support

As part of the GMP Fitness commitment to customer service you’ll receive unsurpassed, exceptional customer support. Have a question after you purchase the course—contact us at or call 1-888-467-3488.

Online Course Facts

  • Online education allows you to complete the course anytime and anywhere you want – you just need internet access and basic computer knowledge.
  • All content is 100% online and can be viewed on your computer or tablet. It can also be viewed on your smart phone, but it is not recommended.
  • After you purchase the course your information will be sent to GMP. You will receive a separate email from GMP with information about signing in to the GMP website where you will be able to register and have access to the course.
  • A lesson plan is provided online.
  • Please note nothing will be shipped to you.
  • Content is Microsoft Windows and Mac compatible.
  • Any course PDF documents can easily be viewed right in the web browser.
  • Individuals must have the capability to open Adobe PDF files (this can be installed for FREE and if you do not have this you will be given a link so you can view all course content). You will also need to be able to open Microsoft Word files.

Quick Facts

✓ Customer support.
✓ No travel is necessary.
✓ Study at your own pace—there is no time limit for you to complete the course.
✓ Comprehensive learning content.
✓ Take all the time you need to practice, study and make the course materials your own through practice and repetition.
✓ Valuable CECs/CEUs.
✓ Online exam—complete when you are ready.
✓ Credibility and increased salary potential.



Online Course Access Statement
All of our online courses have 6 month full 24/7 access to complete your online program.  The experience is awesome, simple and very digestible for the novice fitness enthusiast.