Golf Conditioning Specialist


Course Hours/CEUS: 17 Hours / 17 WITS CECS

Course Price: $199

Bonus Course Components
—Trainer & Client Charts
—Customizable Training Plans
—Client Handouts

Course Hours/CECs: 17+ Hours / WITS CEC Award = 17

Note: Continuing Education Credits (CECs/CEUs) will only be applied for certified fitness professionals or other health professionals. This course is also approved by many other certification companies—so if you have a double certification the CECs may be able to be applied for that certification as well.

Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Course Description

Gain the knowledge and credentials to help your clients dramatically enhance their golf performance.

This step-by-step Specialist Course provides valuable information that will help expand your marketability to golf enthusiasts who want to boost their overall game, balance, strength, flexibility and posture.

This Speciality Certificate Credential focuses on exercise progressions, swing analysis, swing faults, program design and marketing to golf clients. You’ll learn about golf-specific injuries and how to identify physical limitations that could cause a player’s swing inability, plus you’ll become proficient in simple solutions to help individuals play again and gain the edge for optimum golf performance.

Course Objectives

  • Gain assessment knowledge for posture, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Discover the advantages of using a stability ball and how it improves golf performance.
  • Understand how the body effectively produces power during the golf swing.
  • Gain knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing.
  • Learn why proper conditioning can improve your clients swing.
  • Teach clients about the relationship of strength/flexibility to the golf swing.
  • Gain an understanding of how the body’s strengths and weaknesses affect the golf swing.
  • Amplify knowledge of stability ball exercises to restore proper function and prepare your client for more advanced golf conditioning.
  • Gain unique exercises utilizing the ball.
  • Gain a strong foundation of stretches and mobility exercises for golf fitness.
  • Review tips on how to develop an effective marketing plan, get publicity and network.
  • Gain knowlegde on how to personalize your cleints fitness plan to meet their needs.
  • Understand common golf related injuries, swing faults and exercises to help correct.
  • Discover how to attract new clients and become the golf conditioning expert in your area.
  • Show clients how to strengthen driving distance and reduce the chance of lower back injury.
  • Design effective training routines for players of all ages and abilities.

Course Reviews

“ABSOLUTELY! INCREDIBLE! I have gained a lot more information about golf and specially the importance of a great posture for a great swing. I live in gaithersburg MD , and the big majority of my clients reside in Potomac, MD and they are already affiliated with golf clubs, either public or private! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!” – Nicholas Gomez, NSPA Certified Professional

“I’m an ACE certified Personal Trainer and I’m looking to expand into the golf fitness training field. The information on the CD was clear, concise and easy to follow, very informative and useful. The DVDs were also great additions. There is a great selection of exercises and stretches specifically for the sport. I already know a good amount about golf, but there was still plenty of information that I needed. Gina was great to work with! She was able to help me out with my time constraints and made the ordering and completion process stress-free. I would definitely recommend this course. I look forward to getting more CECs from GMP!” – Melissa, ACE Certified Professional

“Excellent program, highly recommend to increase knowledge and apply exercises for improving clients postural imbalances and provide specific exercises to improve these areas. Provide information to improve an individual s golf game by breaking the process down and applying specific exercises to improve by stretching or strengthening the muscle while maintaining good posture and balance. Provide information on assessment of postural dysfunctions, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance that can be applied to any client.” – Marcia Clouse, ACE Certified Professional

“As a health and wellness professional for more than 30 years, I was very pleased with the Golf Conditioning Specialist Course offered by GMP. The information was relevant and well-organized. The CD and two DVDs provided would be suitable for novice and veteran alike. I appreciate the care and energy that was put into the development of this program.” – Dr. Joseph M. Camp Pilates Athletic Center Los Altos, California

“Loved it – great exercise plans and accompanying DVDs were great additions. A more complete overview of the golf swing, body mechanics and specific exercise programming. I will be incorporating many of the assessment techniques and exercises into a group golf fitness class, as well as individual client sessions.” – Gayle Cochrane, ACE Certified Professional

“Being an avid golfer and having researched many exercises this course has been the most thorough. The DVD included has given me multiple exercises not only for my golf clients but also clients with postural concerns. I currently teach a golf class at a community college and I will put together exercise suggestions for my students. Thanks for putting this out. Wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered, but I will continue to use GMP for future continuing education.” – Jiun Jay Kam, NSCA Certified Professional

“An excellent basis for evaluating and improving physical conditioning both for my own golf game and those of my clients. I plan to market a specific course for golf conditioning. I also plan to use many of the exercises to improve the functions of my non golf playing clients Very enjoyable and worthwhile course.” –  Rod Muller, AFPA Certified Professional

“I gained a well rounded and real life approach to training golfers. gained valuable information for golfers that would like to improve on their overall game. I enjoyed the written descriptions and pictures and diagrams to following and explain the movements.” – Stephen Price, ACE Certified Professional

“Understanding four basic postures and corrective actions for each posture. How the use of the G Ball provides excellent stretching and strengthening options for golfers. The materials and chapters were very well laid out and organized. There were excellent graphics on both the CD and video.” – David Hassick, ACE Certified Professional

“This course has given me excellent knowledge to help me not only improve posture and strength for my golfing clients, but I also use the evaluations and exercises for my tennis playing clients and general clients that have posture faults due to standing long periods of time or tightness in the back areas. I will use this information for clients who are active in golf, tennis and other sports that really need upper body flexibility; and can use the programming for clients who have issues with their posture. I’m really glad I got this program. The pictures were really helpful regarding the bad postures so I can recognize them immediately in clients and be able to fix them. I also like how simple the evaluation, program design, and progression structure shown in the course. While I was learning I started applying the info and my clients really appreciated it and can see the difference.” – Richard A. Ford, ACE Certified Professional

“The CD and DVDs that were provided in the Golf Conditioning Specialist training course are first class materials. Great course. Well organized, documented and illustrated.” – Ted Hart, WITS Certified Professional

“Very helpful information regarding golf conditioning. Incorporate a conditioning program to help improve golfer flexibility and strength training. An excellent continuing education course that I would highly recommend to anyone would help improve their golf fitness program.” – Anthony Chance, ACE Certified Professional


Exam Facts
✓ 70 question online true/false and multiple/choice final exam.
✓ Passing the exam with 80% or higher.
✓ NO time limit to take the exam.

Course Bonus

We recommend completing a course from 1 year of your purchase date, but for your convenience all of our online courses have lifetime /24/7 access to complete your online program.

“I gained a vast amount of knowledge and really enjoyed the fact that there was no time limit on the course or exam. I got tools to grasp the concept and based on my new knowledge I can now give new ideas to my clients. This was a GREAT course!” – J.C., Certified Professional

Customer Course Support

As part of the GMP Fitness commitment to customer service you’ll receive unsurpassed, exceptional customer support. Have a question after you purchase the course—contact us at or call 1-888-467-3488.

Online Course Facts

  • Online education allows you to complete the course anytime and anywhere you want – you just need internet access and basic computer knowledge.
  • All content is 100% online and can be viewed on your computer or tablet. It can also be viewed on your smart phone, but it is not recommended.
  • After you purchase the course your information will be sent to GMP. You will receive a separate email from GMP with information about signing in to the GMP website where you will be able to register and have access to the course.
  • A lesson plan is provided online.
  • Please note nothing will be shipped to you.
  • Content is Microsoft Windows and Mac compatible.
  • Any course PDF documents can easily be viewed right in the web browser.
  • Individuals must have the capability to open Adobe PDF files (this can be installed for FREE and if you do not have this you will be given a link so you can view all course content). You will also need to be able to open Microsoft Word files.

Quick Facts

✓ Customer support.
✓ No travel is necessary.
✓ Study at your own pace—there is no time limit for you to complete the course.
✓ Comprehensive learning content.
✓ Take all the time you need to practice, study and make the course materials your own through practice and repetition.
✓ Valuable CECs/CEUs.
✓ Online exam—complete when you are ready.
✓ Credibility and increased salary potential.


Online Course Access Statement
All of our online courses have 6 month full 24/7 access to complete your online program.  The experience is awesome, simple and very digestible for the novice fitness enthusiast.