Fitness Professional’s Handbook-6th Edition


Authors: Edward Howley, Dixie Thompson

Hardback Book 608 pages
ISBN-13: 9781450411172

Authors: Edward Howley, Dixie Thompson

Hardback Book 608 pages
ISBN-13: 9781450411172

Fitness Professional’s Handbook, Sixth Edition, meets the demands of the evolving fitness profession with a fully updated text based on the latest standards, guidelines, and research from the authorities in the field. With the expanded scope on the study of physical activity and its relevance to fitness, numerous ancillaries, and material that reflects the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines, this text will allow both students and professionals to stay abreast of the latest research and information in the field.

This full-color text serves as an essential resource for those seeking professional certification and an invaluable reference for those already certified and striving to stay informed amid ongoing advances in research. Fitness Professional’s Handbook, Sixth Edition, incorporates information from the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and the eighth edition of ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. It also includes the American Health Association exercise and physical activity recommendations for adults, older adults, children, and those with special needs.

Every chapter has been updated, allowing readers to explore the newest theories and research findings and apply them to real-world situations. The following are among the most significant changes to the sixth edition:

  • Expanded case studies to ensure that every chapter includes practical learning experiences for readers
  • Addition of the Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER) designed to measure aerobic capacity
  • Updates based on the most recent dietary guidelines and current standards for nutrient intake, including information on USDA meal patterns (My Plate), the DASH diet, and Mediterranean diet patterns
  • New sections on how physical activity is measured and how to use the compendium of physical activities to calculate energy expenditure
  • Introduction to the Exercise Is Medicine program of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association, a global initiative to make physical activity and exercise a standard part of disease prevention and treatment
  • Inclusion of some of the newest ACSM position statements, including strategies for weight loss and prevention of weight gain, the female athlete triad, and exercise testing and prescription for those with diabetes
  • A new chapter on legal considerations that provides a basic understanding of the legal system as it relates to the fitness profession and describes why it is essential that fitness professionals develop their knowledge in the area of legal liability and risk management

With this text, students with little or no background in fitness testing and prescription will learn to screen participants, carry out standardized fitness tests to evaluate major components of fitness, and write appropriate fitness prescriptions. They will also learn how to apply this information to special populations, including children, older adults, women, and those with chronic disease (such as hypertension) or a specific condition (such as pregnancy). To aid readers in comprehension, the text retains the best features of previous editions, such as reproducible forms, key points, sidebars, questions and answers to case studies, key terms and glossary, and extensive references. Instructors will find an array of ancillaries to assist in teaching their courses, and the text’s attention to detail regarding the most common fitness tests allows it to be seamlessly integrated into lab experiences associated with fitness assessment.

Fitness Professional’s Handbook, Sixth Edition, provides comprehensive information on the fundamentals of fitness, exercise physiology, and biomechanics. Readers will better understand the role of physical activity in the quality of life and guidelines for screening, testing, supervising, and modifying activity for various populations. As such, it is a useful text for students and a valuable reference for practitioners.



Part I. Activity, Health, and Fitness
Chapter 1. Health, Fitness, and Performance

Chapter 2. HealthAppraisal
Michael Shipe

Part II. ScientificFoundations
Chapter 3.Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics
Jean Lewis and ClareE. Milner

Chapter 4.Exercise Physiology

Chapter 5. Nutrition

Chapter 6. EnergyCosts of Physical Activity

Part III. Fitness Assessment
Chapter 7.Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Chapter 8. Assessment of Body Composition

Chapter 9. Assessment of Muscular Fitness
Kyle McInnis and AveryFaigenbaum

Chapter 10. Assessment of Flexibility and Low Back Function
Wendell Liemohn

Part IV. Exercise Prescription for Health and Fitness
Chapter 11. Exercise Prescription for Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Chapter 12. Exercise Prescription for Weight Management

Chapter 13. Exercise Prescription for Muscular Fitness
Avery Faigenbaum andKyle McInnis

Chapter 14. Exercise Prescription for Flexibility and Low Back Function
Wendell Liemohn

Part V. Special Considerations
Chapter 15. Exercise and Children and Youth

Chapter 16. Exercise and Older Adults

Chapter 17. Exercise and Women’s Health

Chapter 18. Exercise and Heart Disease
David R. Bassett Jr.

Chapter 19. Exercise and Obesity

Chapter 20. Exercise and Diabetes

Chapter 21. Exercise and Pulmonary Disease
David R. Bassett Jr.

Part VI. Exercise Programming
Chapter 22. Exercise Programming for Health and Fitness

Chapter 23. Behavior Change
Janet Buckworth

Chapter 24. Mindful Exercise for Fitness Professionals
Ralph La Forge

Chapter25. Exercise Related to ECG and Medications
David R. Bassett Jr.

Chapter 26. Injury Prevention and Treatment
Sue Carver

Chapter 27. LegalConsiderations
JoAnn M.Eickhoff-Shemek

Appendix A: CaseStudy Answers
Appendix B: Calculationof Oxygen Uptake and Carbon Dioxide Production
Appendix C: Compendium of Physical Activities
Appendix D: Common Medications
Appendix E: Fitness Assessment

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