Finance and Budgets: What Every Fitness Professional Should Know – 2 CECs



Business Success Series

CEC Credits
2 W.I.T.S. CECs



While many pursue a career in fitness because they love to work out and help others, there is no getting around the fact that attention must be paid to finances. The most successful fitness professionals know as much about finance and budgeting as they do about the human body and exercise. This course introduces you to basic financial tools you will need to keep your business in the black. Strategies for budgeting, controlling expenses, building revenue and buying and selling a business will all be examined. In order to successfully complete this course and earn your .2 CEUS/ 2 CECs, you must complete the online modules, contribute to all discussion posts, complete and submit all assignments and earn 100% on the quiz.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the basic financial tools used in the fitness club industry.
  • Identify common revenue and expense sources for health and fitness clubs.
  • Identify strategies for increasing revenue and reducing expenses in a health/fitness club.
  • Identify strategies for raising capital for a health and fitness club.
  • Describe the steps for buying or selling a club.

Optional Recommended Text:

Fitness Management 3rd Edition
This fantastic book is a great interactive resource. It lays the foundation to excel in management with special emphasis on “HOW TO”. Help your health club with your management skills!


Michelle Matte Course Mentor
Michelle Matte, MSEd has enjoyed a lifelong career as a fitness practitioner, group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Michelle’s mission is to raise the bar of professionalism in the fitness industry through education and professional development.
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