Children’s Aquatic Fitness Programming – 4 W.I.T.S. CEC’s


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Author: Aquatic Exercise Association
Provider: Fitness Learning Systems

Overweight and obesity may not be infectious diseases, but they have reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Take a moment to walk in a child’s shoes. Imagine having no significant control of your life and facing the profound challenges of being overweight or obese.

As an aquatic fitness instructor, you have the power to introduce all children to the health benefits and joys of physical activity and exercise, and you have the power to improve a child’s health and quality of life. Help get our youth in shape through fun aquatic fitness formats! See developmental progression with motor skills as children of different ages hop, skip, and more! Learn new ideas and information on effective aquatic programming for children through creative teaching methods, class formats, leadership styles and more.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • review the characteristics of children and statistics regarding children’s fitness.
  • gain insight into children’s physiology and program considerations vital to a healthy children’s program.
  • understand age and developmental considerations and how these impact programming.
  • develop knowledge and understanding of perceptual motor concepts and terminology to increase the effectiveness of your programming.
  • gain insight into class discipline and safety.
  • learn programming concepts and see sample class outlines and activity ideas.

# of Hours: 4

Certification Agency # of CECs

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