Buoyancy Stretches


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Author: Ana Oriani
Provider: Fitness Learning Systems

Buoyancy Stretches is designed to help the fitness professional enhance flexibility by utilizing Archimedes™ Principle at the pool wall and exploring the use of buoyancy equipment in the water. You will learn how to enhance stretching by using the wall at the deep end of the pool and to have the option of using the program in the shallow end of the pool by working with buoyancy and buoyant equipment. In addition you will learn how to identify your clients’ personal buoyancy and center of gravity. Learn supine, side, and front working positions and find neutral buoyancy (equilibrium). Enhance relaxation, breathe more consistently and deeply, and maintain the proper level of body alignment that can help achieve a fluid and controlled stretch. Use these stretches to enhance your body awareness which is central to any lasting change. Great for group fitness, personal training, rehabilitation, or athletes.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, you will:

  • Guide students to enhance stretching by utilizing the wall at the deep end of the pool.
  • Maximize and utilize Archimedes’ Principle.
  • Carefully select the placement of buoyant equipment such as a belt, noodles, ankle cuffs, buoyant wrist bands, and shoes.
  • Locate the center of buoyancy and center of gravity.
  • Look for body composition of participants, placement of flotation equipment, and/or type of flotation utilized.
  • Use the Supine/Side/Front Working Position to find proper neutral buoyancy and place the body in buoyant equilibrium.
  • Use deep end stretches and the following practices to enhance the participant’s body awareness.
  • Modify exercises for the shallow end of the pool by using the appropriate buoyant equipment to obtain the desired stretch.

# of Hours: 3

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