Avocado – Naturally Good Fat


You may know a little bit of healthy fat is good for you. But more might even better—at least by the nutrient-dense avocado. Discover how eating avocados will benefit your health and the surprising broad-based nutritional support it has to provide. Make the avocado part of a habit-based nutrition plan, along with a superb training program and get results from this certificate course.

Learning Format: Online Course

Course Level: Entry/Intermediate

Course Hours/CECs: 6 Hours / WITS CEC Award = 6

Note: Continuing Education Credits (CECs/CEUs) will only be applied for certified fitness professionals or other health professionals. This course is also approved by many other certification companies—so if you have a double certification the CECs may be able to be applied for that certification as well.

Course Bonus

✓ Includes Lifetime access.
✓ Instant access to purchased online course 24/7.
✓ Instant access to the exam, grading and a Certificate of Completion.

Bonus Course Tools, Tips and Resources

✓ Educational Handouts (Printable PDFs)—Ideal to use during your client sessions. They will position you as the expert and help clients achieve their health and fitness goals.
✓ Additional Nutrition Related Resource Links
✓ Excellent base review material with engaging facts included to help you retain the information.

What You’ll Discover—Course Learning Goals

  • How avocados fit on your plate
  • Why healthy living starts from within—choose avocados
  • Why select avocados for a nutrient dense food
  • Why avocados act as a nutrient booster
  • What is the avocado nutrient profile
  • Tips to get more protein without more meat
  • Why avocado potassium is so great
  • Tips to get your vitamins naturally with the delicious avocado
  • What are some avocado nutritional facts
  • Why avocado intake is connected with superior diet quality
  • How avocados provide good fats for heart health
  • How avocado plant sterols lower cholesterol

Quick Facts

✓ Customer support.
✓ Fun course for all skill levels.
✓ Easy to share the information you learn with everyone.
✓ Presented in a direct manner with references and thorough resource recommendations.
✓ Online only – there is no materials shipped.

Exam Facts

✓ Online true/false and/or multiple/choice final exam.
✓ Online exam instructions.
✓ Passing the exam with 80% or higher.
✓ NO time limit to take the exam.
✓ You can save your final exam if you cannot complete it in one sitting.
✓ Immediate grading.

3 Simple Steps To Get Your Certificate

1. Pass the online final exam.
2. Automatic certificate generation.
3. Download your CEC/CEU Certificate.


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