Application of Water Exercise for Health Fitness Professionals Specializing in Pain Management


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Author: Maria Sykorova-Pritz PhD and Tomas Gregor PhD
Provider: Fitness Learning Systems

The prevalence of chronic pain in the world and associated health care costs is estimated to be $80 billion each year in the USA alone. This indicates a growing need for effective chronic pain management. A new approach based on the biopsychological model of pain, is the active role of patients in the treatment process. People suffering from chronic pain need to be fully educated about the process of managing pain. Knowledge is power for the chronic pain sufferer. With the information and techniques presented in this workshop, you as a health-fitness professional can increase your client’s ability to manage chronic pain.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of a health fitness professional in the pain management process including;
    • an understanding of terminology for pain management,
    • exploring integrative medicine,
    • an understanding of treatments for pain management,
    • proper communication with health care providers,
    • an understanding of pain, suffering, disabilities and the emotional aspects of well being,
    • the chronic pain cycle,
    • the behavioral change process,
    • and a code of ethics for working with chronic pain clients.
  • Explore the philosophy behind the structure of a water-based pain management program including;
    • benefits of water exercise,
    • structure of a water session for chronic pain management,
    • sample exercises,
    • and research supporting exercise for chronic pain management.Create an evidence-based lumbar stabilization program that starts from the foot and extends up the kinetic chain.

# of Hours: 3

Certification Agency # of CECs

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