ABC Fitness Training Specialist (GMP)


Course Hours/CEUS: 6 Hours / 6 WITS CECS

Course Price: $99

Learning Format: Online Course

Bonus Course Components

—Trainer & Client Charts

—Customizable Training Plans

—Client Handouts

Course Hours/CECs: 6-7 Hours / WITS CEC Award = 6

Note: Continuing Education Credits (CECs/CEUs) will only be applied for certified fitness professionals or other health professionals. This course is also approved by many other certification companies—so if you have a double certification the CECs may be able to be applied for that certification as well.

Course Level: Entry/Intermediate

Course Description

Step-by-step course to accelerate your clients physical ability with a new set of training techniques, drills and organized visual cues and design a program that integrates various low-tech equipment for both personal training and group exercise.

Over 100 training activities, progressions and variations, easily transferable to practical use with all clients, from a beginner client to a professional athlete, to improve footwork, control, agility, balance, coordination and enhance movement.

This Speciality Certificate Credential provides all the tools needed to make smart equipment and exercise choices and provide fitness devotees a fun exercise experience that boosts their balance, strength, agility and speed.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an entry level understanding of ABC Fitness Training.
  • Examine what controls balance and its importance to agility and coordination.
  • Recognize the basics of proprioception training.
  • Gain a general comprehension of agility, balance and coordination training concepts and the awareness to help clients increase performance while decreasing the risk of injury through the optimal training.
  • Discover fun ways to improve footwork, control, balance, agility and coordination.
  • Gain knowledge of training progressions.
  • Expand knowledge on how to make smart equipment and exercise choices.
  • Enhance balance, agility and coordination with effective warm-ups.
  • Amplify knowledge of training drills.
  • Understand how to develop your client’s strength, agility, balance, coordination and core stability using various fitness tools.
  • Learn agility, balance and coordination training to help your clients condition their bodies to perform at their best.
  • Provide appropriate instructional cues for proper exercise technique.
  • Understand how to design programs for stability.

Course Reviews

“Great course! I would highly recommend this course! It is laid out in an easy to fallow format, from start to progression – which is easily transferable to practical use with clients from a beginner client to a professional athlete! What a nice and easy way to get some very usable CECs … 5 stars. Thanks!!!” – Chris (ACE Certified Professional)

“This course offers so many simple skills and drills to improve balance, agility and coordination. It is nicely organized and has visual cues as well. Highly recommend for sports and fitness enthusiasts looking to up there game.” – Chantal, ACE Certified Professional)

“Many of the drills for balance, agility and coordination are quite applicable to the condition of most of my clientele. I like the organized way in which the course is designed. The information within the course is reinforced throughout each section so it can become knowledge and be a useful part of a trainer’s repertoire versus a course that one takes simply to earn CECs.” – Carol Witham, ACE Certified Professional

“Lots of new agility exercise ideas. Everyone needs agility and balance work in one form or another. I found new exercises and drills I can use with my clients.” – Dawn M Jackson, WITS Certified Professional

“New information on the subjects. I teach boot camp to beginners and kids this course was very helpful on ideas. I like how the information is presented.” – Noel Duby, AFPA Certified Professional

“Expanded my knowledge in training drills. Show my clients a variety of fun ways to improve balance, agility and coordination. Excellent, covered a good variety of skills to use with clients.” – Patricia J Blainey, ACE Certified Professional

“A better understanding of what controls balance. I will use exercises in this course with my clients before doing more complex movements.” – Danielle Gann, ACE Certified Professional

“The Course is great way to better your training ways. Helped increased the variety of exercises for my clients. I will apply the content of this continuing education course by using the tools and exercises to better my clients overall well-being.” – Timothy Craig Boswell, NFPT Certified Professional

“I have learned the next steps in progressions of exercises. I teach a balance class. I already use the foam roller. The course provided me with progressions for some of the exercises. I can vary the class. I like the illustrations in the course. I have already used some of them.” – George Latta, ACE Certified Professional

“An understanding of running athletic drills. Training young hockey players. It was informative and enjoyable to read.” – Shelly Haag, WITS Certified Professional

“I have gained ideas for testing and drills and will recommend this course a lot.” – Elizabeth B. Lopez, WITS Certified Professional

I like to incorporate balance and agility movements with every workout I plan for a client. This course offered new ideas that I will use from this day forward. Throughly enjoyed reading through this material. Thanks for the helpful tips and exercises!” – Cara Argall, ACE Certified Professional

More knowledge in this area. Will use the course materials while working with my older clients.” – Sean Faris, NSCA Certified Professional



Exam Facts

✓ 22 question online true/false and multiple/choice final exam.
✓ Passing the exam with 80% or higher.
✓ NO time limit to take the exam.

Course Bonus

We recommend completing a course from 1 year of your purchase date, but for your convenience all of our online courses have lifetime /24/7 access to complete your online program.

“I gained a vast amount of knowledge and really enjoyed the fact that there was no time limit on the course or exam. I got tools to grasp the concept and based on my new knowledge I can now give new ideas to my clients. This was a GREAT course!” – J.C., Certified Professional

Customer Course Support

As part of the GMP Fitness commitment to customer service you’ll receive unsurpassed, exceptional customer support. Have a question after you purchase the course—contact us at or call 1-888-467-3488.

Online Course Facts

  • Online education allows you to complete the course anytime and anywhere you want – you just need internet access and basic computer knowledge.
  • All content is 100% online and can be viewed on your computer or tablet. It can also be viewed on your smart phone, but it is not recommended.
  • After you purchase the course your information will be sent to GMP. You will receive a separate email from GMP with information about signing in to the GMP website where you will be able to register and have access to the course.
  • A lesson plan is provided online.
  • Please note nothing will be shipped to you.
  • Content is Microsoft Windows and Mac compatible.
  • Any course PDF documents can easily be viewed right in the web browser.
  • Individuals must have the capability to open Adobe PDF files (this can be installed for FREE and if you do not have this you will be given a link so you can view all course content). You will also need to be able to open Microsoft Word files.

Quick Facts

✓ Customer support.
✓ No travel is necessary.
✓ Study at your own pace—there is no time limit for you to complete the course.
✓ Comprehensive learning content.
✓ Take all the time you need to practice, study and make the course materials your own through practice and repetition.
✓ Valuable CECs/CEUs.
✓ Online exam—complete when you are ready.
✓ Credibility and increased salary potential.

Online Course Access Statement
All of our online courses have 6 month full 24/7 access to complete your online program. The experience is awesome, simple and very digestible for the novice fitness enthusiast.