Super Health & Fitness Webinars Channel By Super Presenters (CEC quiz w/each order)

Our educational webinars relate directly to health and fitness topics in the industry. Top national educators share hot topics in a recorded webinar. Enjoy a lot of fun useable fitness techniques by veteran fitness trainers and leaders in the industry. You will be your best for yourself, family and clients!

We offer these webinars to fitness enthusiasts and certified professionals for a small fee of $19.95.

As W.I.T.S. alumni, you can earn 1 CEC towards you certification renewal, when you purchase the quiz for $19.95. Upon purchase, you will be emailed a separate store receipt with a pdf file containing a link to your online quiz. We will grade the quiz and return the certificate of completion for anyone scoring an 80% or better within 7-10 business days. The $19.95 is nonrefundable.

Special Reminder Note: Each webinar has a standalone alumni quiz for the $19.95 to help renew your international certification. Only one try is offered per webinar to pass with the 80% pass ratio. If you fail the quiz there is no retest. You can purchase another webinar and get a new quiz. I am sure you will do great. Enjoy!!

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Showing 1–12 of 70 results