72-Hour Flash Sale

30% Off Courses In the following categories:
Health & Fitness Programs
Business Management Success Series
Webinar Quizzes (excluded bundle)

Use Promo Code FS72REUPME in the next 72 hours for a final offer to get back in the game of the Fitness Industry.

Here is how it works:

SAMPLE Process to know how you figure into this promotion to get REINSTATED:
If you expired in 2018, you were supposed to complete 20 Continuing Education Credits [CEC’s] every 2 years to stay current with your national credential. At this point then you need to get current by getting 40 CEC’s. That can be any combination of any of the webinars [57], workshops or courses that range from 1 CEC to 12 CEC’s per program. The two discounted blocks we are sharing are Health & Fitness which has 28 programs plus the webinars and the Business block which has 26 programs.

The BIG plus is that you have 6 months to complete the SELF PACED courses. Then send in the renewal paperwork with your updated address and contact info. We will update your records and REINSTATE your national credential as a Personal Trainer, Group Ex Instructor, Senior Trainer etc.

Questions? Please e mail me at Jay DelVecchio jdelvec@witseducation.com
Want to know your expiration date and CEC’s due? Please e mail either Jay or Certification Records at cparsons@witseducation.com
Be well and we look forward to restarting your part or full time careers!!