QR Code

Want an easy way to direct students to your Division’s web page? Do you want to highlight the W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer Certification Course for increased enrollments? Try creating a free QR Code (Quick Response Code). In just a few simple steps you can make navigating your website easy and efficient.

You have probably seen them on flyers, posters, etc. QR Codes have become a popular tool to drive mobile users to a company’s website. With a quick scan of the barcode, students will be taken directly to a webpage of your choice from their mobile device. Research has shown that more than 2-3 clicks to find something on your website can be discouraging enough to decrease your registrations.

Avoid unnecessary phone traffic – put students directly on to your W.I.T.S. page by adding a QR Code to any printed material regarding the Personal Trainer Certification Course. Check out qrstuff.com for your free QR Code generator. Still unsure? Contact Paula Rogers at paular@witseducation.com and we’ll create one for you!!! Please make sure you include a link to our course in the email.