John Zvonek – W.I.T.S. Trainer of the Month

W.I.T.S. Trainer
of the Month

John Zvonek

February 2019

Name: John Zvonek

Where Did You Get Certified: Middlesex community college

What has your W.I.T.S. Certification meant to you? How has it changed your life?:
Deciding to get my W.I.T.S. Certification 9 years ago completely changed my life and the lives of many others. Nine years ago I was driving a fork lift and feeling like I had to do something more with my life. I was complaining to my wife and she got mad & threw the Middlesex Community College brochure at me. She said quit your b*#%^ing and do something about it. She said you love exercise, go back to school to be a personal trainer. That night a Trainer was born. Since that moment, I have worked at the YMCA, ESPN, Body Temple Fitness Personal Training Studio, I Started my own LLC, My New Trainer, LLC. I was the Training Instructor for The US Naval Sea Cadets, Started own Youth Wresting Team & The I could go on and on. I applied my WITS cert to college credits & am on my way to my associates degree. I have changed the lives of many people & two of my students became W.I.T.S. Grads & Co-Workers. Getting my cert gave me the courage to Complete 8-Tough Mudders & Take many people though their 1st. I’ve also completed 2-Ironmans since getting my cert. I ran every distance from 5k-50+mi & completed a Presidential Traverse in 1-Day. My path will never be the same and it all started with W.I.T.S.

Why Did You Choose W.I.T.S.?: See video

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