W.I.T.S. Graduate Launches Charity Initiative

My name is Azuka Obi. My friends call me Zuke. Originally from West Africa but now a naturalized American citizen . As a person growing up in West Africa my mother always told me to develop an attitude of gratitude and to give back and give at the slightest opportunity. I took the advice and ran with it following my migration to the United States when I started my race like every other person. Over time I enrolled for WITS training classes. With the thorough lectures from Greg Mahadeen, my Professor in NJ, I graduated, passed my examinations, and completed my internships.

With the knowledge I acquired while in school, I founded CALO-BURN FITNESS, my charity program, a positive force to fight obesity, high blood pressure, low energy level, and even cancer. My charity, registered with the office of the Attorney General and the state of New Jersey, started on a very nice day on May 7 2011 with 5 people on the ground. As of today CALO-BURN FITNESS has served over five hundred people and we are still expanding.

I have offered boot camps in summer months at the Warinanco Park in Roselle, NJ, and every winter someone in the community who has a charity heart has donated an indoor facility for the continuation of the charity program. Water donations have come from the Mayor of Roselle for hydration as we work out. We play a little soccer for Cardio as well. Currently I have started catching them young, as little as at three years old, and depositing fitness into their ‘fitness bank.’ I have always looked for ways to give back to the community that made me part of the American system and CALO-BURN FITNESS seems to be that perfect opportunity.

As I trained my members I began to see their challenges from a totally different perspective. At the end of each session they say thank you in appreciation. Not only does their “Thank You” make me feel good and accomplished, it makes me feel terrific.

As part of my effort to foster the growth and awareness of my charity to the global world I launched a website a few months ago. You can checkout my website at http://www.calo-burnfitness.com/ You can follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, and view us on Pinterest. You can contact us from the “contact us” link on the website. You can also contact me at my cell phone: 908-380-9392.