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W.I.T.S. offers fitness certification courses and certification testing locations all over North America. Learn at the largest college and university partnered network in the fitness industry.

Our goal is to make it easy for anyone that wants to be a career fitness professional like a Certified Personal Trainer.

W.I.T.S. has added a number of new online courses and resources due to the issues of COVID-19. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find a list of upcoming course dates and locations for you to register for your certification. Turn your passion into a career by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Senior Fitness Specialist or Youth Fitness Specialist and run your own business!

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Certified Personal
Trainer Course

In-Person Lectures & In-Person Practical Labs

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Hybrid Personal
Trainer Course

Online Curriculum & In-Person Practical Labs

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Certifications Courses:

CPT = Certified Personal Trainer
CPT Gold = Certified Personal Trainer – All Online, Optional In-Person Lab Review & National Test Vouchers included
CPT Hybrid = Personal Trainer ONLINE Lectures, In-Person Practical Skill Labs
FM = Fitness Management
GF = Group Fitness Instructor Certification
LWC = Lifestyle Wellness Coaching [Fitness Coaching]
SFS = Senior Fitness Specialist
YF = Youth Fitness Specialist

CPT Level 1 Exam Dates & Locations
All Other Exam Dates & Locations

Workshops: Samples

ADV = Insider Secrets of Advertising and Marketing for the Successful Fitness Professional
BS = Business Success for Fitness Professionals
EPD = Exercise Program Design
GFF = Group Fitness Foundations
GFP = Group Fitness Practical Review
NC = Nutritional Concepts
NS = Nutritional Strategies
O = Free Information Orientation for Fitness Certification
SFF = Senior Fitness Foundations
PF = Pregnancy Fitness
PTF = Personal Trainer Foundations
PTP = Personal Trainer Practical Review
RA = Running Anatomy
YFF = Youth Fitness Foundations
YFP = Youth Fitness Practical Review

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USAALBirminghamLawson State Community CollegeCPT Gold06/19/21Register w/ in-person Lab Review
USACASan DiegoUniversity of San DiegoCPT07/10/21RegisterIn-Person
USACATorranceEl Camino CollegeCPT Hybrid05/08/21Registervirtual lecture with in-person labs
USACTMiddlesexW.I.T.S. Network PartnerCPT Hybrid05/08/21Registervirtual lecture with in-person labs
USACTWaterburyNaugatuck Valley Community CollegeSF05/03/21Online Teacher Mentored
USADEWilmingtonDelaware Technical and Community CollegeCPT Gold888-330-9487Open888-330-9487Register
USAFLBradentonState College of FloridaCPT Gold05/08/21RegisterSaturday w/ Lab Review
USAFLFort MyersFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityCPT Hybrid05/08/21Register
USAFLFort MyersFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityLWCOpenRegister
USAFLFort MyersFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityGEOpenRegister w/ Lab Review
USAFLFort PierceIndian River State CollegeCPT GoldOpenRegister w/ Lab Review
USAGASavannahSavannah Technical CollegeCPT GoldOpenRegister GOLD Certified Personal Trainer w/ Lab Review
USAILDes PlainesOakton Community CollegeCPT Gold06/19/21Register GOLD Certified Personal Trainer w/ Lab Review
USAILGlen EllynCollege of DuPageGE06/19/21Online Teacher Mentored
USAILGlen EllynCollege of DuPageLWC06/19/21RegisterOnline Teacher Mentored w/ online exam
USAILGlen EllynCollege of DuPageCPT Gold06/19/21Register w/ Lab Review
USALAGramblingGrambling State UniversityCPT Gold06/08/21Register GOLD Certified Personal Trainer w/ Lab Review
USALAGramblingGrambling State UniversityCPT Gold06/19/21Register GOLD Certified Personal Trainer w/ Lab Review
USAMDHagerstownHagerstown Community CollegeCPT Hybrid04/20/21virtual lecture with in-person labs
USAMDSalisburyWor-Wic Community CollegeCPT Hybrid06/10/21Register Thursday & Saturday w/ 5 LABS
USAMABedfordMiddlesex Community CollegeLWCOpenRegisterOnline Teacher Mentored w/ online exam
USAMABedfordMiddlesex Community CollegeFMOpenRegisterOnline Teacher Mentored
USAMABedfordMiddlesex Community CollegeSFSOpenRegisterOnline Teacher Mentored w/ online exam
USAMABostonBunker Hill Community CollegeCPT Hybrid06/19/21Registervirtual lecture with in-person labs
USAMADanversNorth Shore Community CollegeCPT Hybrid06/08/21Register virtual lectures w/ in-person labs
USAMIAnn ArbourWashtenaw Community CollegeCPT Gold06/08/21 GOLD Certified Personal Trainer w/ Lab Review
USAMIClinton TownshipMacomb Community CollegeSF05/19/21RegisterOnline Teacher Mentored
USAMIClinton TownshipMacomb Community CollegeCPT Gold06/05/21Register w/ Lab Review
USAMIClinton TownshipMacomb Community CollegeGE06/12/21Register GOLD Group Fitness w/ Lab Review
USAMIMonroeMonroe County Community CollegeCPT05/08/21
USANYValhalla SUNY-Westchester Community CollegeCPT Hybrid06/08/21virtual lecture with in-person labs
USANCMatthewsCentral Piedmont Community College - Levine CampusCPT05/22/21In-Person
USAPAButlerButler County Community CollegeCPT Hybrid05/08/21virtual lecture with in-person labs
USATNGallatinVolunteer State Community CollegeCPT GoldOpenOnline Teacher Mentored
USATXArlingtonUniversity of Texas at Arlington CPT Hybrid06/19/21Registervirtual lecture with in-person labs
USATXEl PasoUniversity of Texas-El Paso CPT Gold05/08/21RegisterOnline Teacher Mentored w/ bonus weekend practical skills review
USATXSan AntonioUniversity of the Incarnate Word - North East CenterCPT Hybrid06/19/21virtual lecture with in-person labs
USAVAVirginia BeachVirginia Beach Adult Learning CenterSF05/04/21Online Teacher Mentored w/ online exam
USAVAVirginia BeachTidewater Community CollegeCPT Gold06/19/21Online Teacher Mentored w/ bonus in-person practical skills review
USAVAVirginia BeachTidewater Community CollegeCPT Gold06/19/21 virtual lectures w/ Lab Review
USAWIGreen BayNortheast Wisconsin Tech CollegeCPT Gold06/19/21Online Teacher Mentored w/ bonus skills lab review