How to Start a Personal Training Business

Personal Training Business Workout Session Are you a professional personal trainer wanting to know how to start a personal training business? Perhaps you have already started your own personal training business, but you’re looking for advice on how to build, grow, expand, or market your personal training business. In that regard, you have come to the right place. The following questions were asked by inquiring fitness professionals looking for help in starting or improving their own personal training business. Review the questions and answers below to find helpful advice in starting and growing your own personal training business.


How can I make more money as a personal trainer? I started my personal training business last year as a side hustle to supplement my regular income.

First you need an overall comprehensive business plan whether it’s a part-time or full-time career. The Small Business Association has a great local set up that is free to entrepreneurs. Check out your local chapter. If you need more information on fitness management or business marketing specifically for the fitness industry, then check out the following W.I.T.S. courses: Business Success for Fitness Professionals and Insider Secrets of Advertising and Marketing for the Successful Fitness Professional. These online courses will guide you as well to save money and be targeted. However, without a true game plan for you and your brand of fitness services, piecing it together can cost you a lot of time and money.

What is the most lucrative business model for a personal trainer?

There are a number of different successful models and more times than not it comes down to how you execute it to fit your goals for the company. I would suggest you contact your Small Business Association in your area and sit down with a mentor. They will help you build your community business in a sound effective way.


What are the things one has to consider when setting up a gym center?

The best thing I can tell you is that this is a business and not a toy. You will invest hard earned dollars and time to make it work. My strongest suggestion is to get with the Small Business Association in your area. They have a ton of free tools and step by step guides on how to create a successful business, even a personal training business. Our Fitness Management course fine tunes it all so you learn to think through it for success.


To open up a gym / training center (helping people jump higher or get fitter for their sport), what does one have to be qualified in?

You will need a formal business plan. That stated, you then need to get certified by a hands on collegiate program that helps you understand all of the essentials to lead a client in a strong healthy way. Don’t just take an online written exam. Memorizing facts and doing the work are 2 different things. If your business plan is not solid and your fitness training and education is not sound then you will come up short in this very rewarding career.