Hi Kat,
Hi there. My name is Kat, and I'm the program coordinator for at Columbus State University. Our division compares to UNLV's Educational Outreach. We are considering partnering with World Instructors Training Schools (WITS) to offer the Personal Fitness Trainer Certifcation, and I was curious how successful this program is at other schools. If you wouldn't mind, can you answer a few questions for me?

1. How successful this course is at your school?
This course is quite successful.  We average about 10 to 15 students a class and have received favorable feedback.
2. Approximately how many enrollees do you have each time the course is offered? See number 1 :)
3. Do you find you have any resistance to the course fee set at $550? So far we have not received any resistance to the current course fee.
4. How satisfied are the participants after completion? Overall the students appear to be very satisfied.  We have had very few negative remarks about the program in the three years that I have personally been managing the relationship.
5. Are participants able to find jobs as a personal trainer after completion? This information has not been tracked by our organization.
6. How satisfied with the instructors are you? I have found our current instructor, Gabriela Regino, to be very friendly, flexible, and self-sufficient.
7. Would you recommend the program to other schools? I would unequivocally recommend this program to other schools.  The WITS staff have been helpful, pro-active and very responsive to any concerns that we may have had in the past.  They make it very easy to schedule courses and meet the needs of our students. In addition to being very popular with our traditional students, the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification is also the most popular certificate program among our active duty military members at Nellis Air Force Base.  They use their Tuition Assistance benefit to fund the program so that they have very little out of pocket expenses.

I appreciate your time. Please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call if would like to discuss at further length.  Thank you!

Cristen Kardeke, Program Coordinator
Division of Educational Outreach
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ph: (702) 895-1022  Fax: (702) 895-4195