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Additional Information

Additional Information

Suggested Readings: Howley, Edward T. and Thompson, Dixie L. 2017. Fitness Professional’s Handbook. 7th Edition. Publisher: Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL.

Test Focus Areas – See chart for the written and practical areas below.

Exam Content Outline: Written Examination
Domain 1: Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics – 38%
Domain 2: Client Assessment – 16%
Domain 3: Exercise Prescription – 11%
Domain 4: Muscular Fitness – 4%
Domain 5: Cardio Respiratory – 4%
Domain 6: Flexibility – 3%
Domain 7: Business of Personal Training – 24%
Exam Content Outline: Practical Examination
Part 1: Assessments – 21%
Part 2: Warm Up – 8%
Part 3: Flexibility – 39%
Part 4: Upper and Lower Body Exercises – 32%
  • Understand and describe basic anatomy, kinesiology and exercise physiology
  • Assess an individual’s level of fitness using ACSM guidelines
  • Design and customize exercise programs
  • Demonstrate proper execution of resistance, cardio-respiratory and flexibility exercises
  • Identify and demonstrate at least one strength exercise for every major muscle group
  • Explain ACSM and AHA recommendations for cardiovascular exercise

Candidates who failed must register 35 days prior to the examination date to guarantee acceptance at a testing site. Candidates who were unsuccessful on the written portion or practical portion may retake the examination within 12 months only two time during that timeframe at a reduced rate of $125 per exam. (W.I.T.S. Candidate Handbook, Re-examination, p15) Candidates may access the retake application on the website.