Education & Certifications

Education / Training Courses

W.I.T.S. does more than just award certifications. We follow higher-learning institutional collegiate standards, giving you the educational knowledge and practical skills required for a real, long-lasting career in the fitness industry. Our courses and certifications are available as online, hybrid (in-person & online) and in-person at a college or university near you. Your best fitness school starts here!

Certified Personal Trainer Courses
In-Person Certified Personal Trainer Course
Online Certified Personal Trainer Preparatory Course
Personal Trainer Certification Levels
Certified Personal Trainer Level 1 (CPT Level 1)
Certified Personal Trainer Level 2 (CPT Level 2)
Other Programs
Older Adult Specialist – 24 CECs & 2 College Credits
Older Adult Fitness Specialist Certification – 24 CECs & 2 College Credits SALE
Group Fitness Instructor – 62 CECs & 3 College Credits
Group Fitness Instructor Certification – 62 CECs & 3 College Credits
Youth Fitness Specialist Certification – 22 CECs
Fitness Management Certificate 3.0 – 18 CECs
Lifestyle Fitness Coaching Certification SALE