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Additional Information

Additional Information

Suggested Readings: Howley, Edward T. and Thompson, Dixie L. 2017. Fitness Professional’s Handbook. 7th Edition. Publisher: Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL.

Test Focus Areas – See chart for the written and practical areas below.

Exam Content Outline: Written Examination
Domain 1: Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics – 38%
Domain 2: Client Assessment – 16%
Domain 3: Exercise Prescription – 11%
Domain 4: Muscular Fitness – 4%
Domain 5: Cardio Respiratory – 4%
Domain 6: Flexibility – 3%
Domain 7: Business of Personal Training – 24%
Exam Content Outline: Practical Examination
Part 1: Assessments – 21%
Part 2: Warm Up – 8%
Part 3: Flexibility – 39%
Part 4: Upper and Lower Body Exercises – 32%
  • Understand and describe basic anatomy, kinesiology and exercise physiology
  • Assess an individual’s level of fitness using ACSM guidelines
  • Design and customize exercise programs
  • Demonstrate proper execution of resistance, cardio-respiratory and flexibility exercises
  • Identify and demonstrate at least one strength exercise for every major muscle group
  • Explain ACSM and AHA recommendations for cardiovascular exercise

Candidates who failed must register 35 days prior to the examination date to guarantee acceptance at a testing site. Candidates who were unsuccessful on the written portion or practical portion may retake the examination within 12 months only two time during that timeframe at a reduced rate of $125 per exam. Candidates are not eligible to schedule a retest appointment until 30 days after the previous attempt. Appointments to test must be scheduled 35 days in advance per the council’s vote to be more user friendly. This allows the testing department time to execute the exam with candidates. (W.I.T.S. Candidate Handbook, Re-examination, p15) Candidates may access the retake application on the website.