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You Are What You Share: Tips for Business Success on Social Media

Perfect Profile

Building your brand on Social Media is a great low budget way to market and get your message out. But be aware that your posts represent your online business persona. Before you begin to tweet, post and share, put careful thought into the image you would like to portray. You should create a profile for your business that is separate from your personal profile. Make sure you flesh it out with complete details and images. When people click on your business page, they should immediately get a sense of what your business is about, and a feel for your target market.

The way you build business relationships online is virtually the same as building personal relationships. The key is to post material that is both engaging and informative, and that relates somehow to your business. Steer clear of blatant advertising, and instead focus on evocative images and compelling headlines, coupled with well written text. Keep articles short, but not too short. Four hundred to 600 words is about right to hold readers’ interests. Proofread for errors in grammar, syntax and spelling, which are unacceptable in business posts. Reference all your sources at the end of your article, and be sure to provide plenty of links to your website.
Balancing Act
There is a delicate balance between promoting your business and creating humanly appealing posts. The more business oriented your post, the less human it will sound, and the less likely it will be read. On the other hand, too much humanity can take away from the business message you are trying to send. Think of it in terms of going into a retail store. You want the staff to be polite, friendly and upbeat, but you don’t want them to become too personal. Your online persona should convey the same pleasant vibe as a well run retail outlet, without oversharing your personal information.

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Your posts should be entertaining and informative, while still getting your business message across. People respond to posts that catch their eyes, and that appeal to them on an emotional level. Keep your headlines fun and enticing, and infuse your text with a positive upbeat tone. Try playing upbeat music while you create, and smile to boost your own mood. That happy feeling will ooze through your fingers and onto your page. Your content should strike a balanced ratio of about 20 percent business to 80 percent information and entertainment.
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