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When You’re Selling: You’re Educating!

From start to finish-- personal trainers are EDUCATING their clients
From start to finish– personal trainers are EDUCATING their clients

This month we’ve been focusing on different ways to improve our selling skills. We may be the best personal trainer in our club or community; we may know every muscle in the human body and how to strengthen those muscles; but if we don’t know how to sell and get clients to use our services—all of our knowledge will go to waste.

The first step, which we discussed previously, was overcoming our “sales phobia.” In order to do so, we have to first change our perspective of the “salesperson,” and see selling as actually HELPING.

Another paradigm shift that may help you with your selling skills is to see “selling” as EDUCATING! Fitness professionals and personal trainers are born educators! We have a passion for educating our clients on how they can achieve their goals, make better lifestyle choices, live a more positive quality of life. When you are conducting a fitness assessment and discussing the results—you are educating your client. When you are designing an exercise prescription and demonstrating proper form, you are educating your client.

As a fitness professional, you are also an educator and a businessperson.
As a fitness professional, you are also an educator and a businessperson.

So, consider viewing the sales process as an extension (or precursor) to the educating you are already doing. A prospective client comes to you with goals, concerns, needs—- during the selling process, you are educating them on how they can attain their goals, address their concerns, and meet their needs! You are educating them on the different products and services that would be most beneficial. And ultimately, you are educating them on how YOU can help improve their health and quality of life.

So, don’t see yourself as the pushy salesperson. Remember, you are an educator!

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2 thoughts on “When You’re Selling: You’re Educating!

  1. Selling is not a diffucult process, if you understand the importance of your product / service, your client has a need for the product / service , and you are honest & truthful in your presentation. If these three things are met, then selling = educating = an easy process for both you and your client.

    1. Hi Mark! Thank you for your comment! I’m looking forward to your webinar tomorrow!

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