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What You Need To Know: Does My Insurance Policy Cover Me Wherever I Go?

Does My Insurance Policy Cover Me Wherever I Go?

In the life span of a fitness professional, it is common to hold several positions within this career field. Some choose to work for a gym or several gyms throughout their career, others prefer to do in-home personal training and others prefer the more adventurous type of clientele offering fitness classes outdoors in parks, on the beach or other recreational hotspots.

Having an individual personal trainer insurance policy is important no matter what career path is chosen in the field. Holding an individual policy ensures if your name is mentioned in any kind of lawsuit without question you are covered for defense. Many trainers believe that because they work for a gym they are automatically covered under their policy. In some cases this may be true, in other cases the gym’s policy may or may not cover a personal trainer, or the gym may not have enough coverage to cover all named in the lawsuit.

As a personal trainer if you are only covered by a gym’s policy, the policy will not follow you should you decide to work outside of that gym. With an individual portable policy, you can choose any type of position within your career and know you’re protected.

A portable insurance policy offers coverage for both employed and self-employed services offered within your field. A portable policy is also not location specific, meaning services can be offered anywhere and you are still covered as long as the services being offered are within the scope of your certification.

Whether you are just graduating a certification program or are a seasoned fitness professional, we encourage everyone to hold their own personal trainer insurance policy, rates begin as a low as $75 for the year for coverage and peace of mind that the career path you’ve chosen is protected.

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