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What Career Options Are Suitable For Certified Personal Trainers?

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The development of the fitness industry is opening up many career opportunities for trainers. However, personal trainers must undergo intensive training to get their certification and be eligible to offer training.

They also get training in different fitness disciplines. This is why certified personal trainers have the upper hand when it comes to expanding careers and entering diverse fitness fields.

On top of that, if you’re a successful trainer, your credibility will give you added benefits when you expand your services. However, picking the right services to offer is another challenge. The fitness industry is saturated with many emerging markets, and it’s hard to determine which ones will stand the test of time and which aren’t. This is why we’ve created a long list of possible options you can take if you want to advance your career.

Additionally, if you want to take on more certifications, check out the fitness courses offered by W.I.T.S. Education.

The Basics Of Personal Training

As the term suggests, personal training focuses more on personal fitness goals. Generally, when people hit up regular gyms, they get the same cookie-cutter training without regard for individual goals. However, the basics of personal training are built on a customized approach for each client, so they can accelerate their progress and reach their fitness goals faster.

Personal training teaches trainers how to design effective exercise programs, monitor clients’ progress, create a safe and welcoming environment, and ensure their fitness plans coincide with the client’s. Other than that, personal trainers are also trained to offer a variety of training suitable for every client, which is why they are in high demand and generate more revenue.

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Alternate Career Options For Personal Trainers

Online Fitness Instructor

Online fitness is a hot niche right now, especially for people who prefer remote settings. People with demanding jobs or kids find it difficult to make time for their fitness. But online fitness allows them to get fit while staying at home. As a trainer, you’ll get several options to enter the world of online fitness, but you must select your target demographic carefully. That’s because your workout programs should be tailored to fit that demographic.

If you’re targeting stay-at-home moms, you need to include workouts that are not too demanding because the clients will already be exhausted from caring for a child. Similarly, if you’re targeting working individuals, it’s better to pick timings that suit their busy schedules.

Group Exercise Instructor

Another great way to maximize your earnings while minimizing your input is by offering group exercise classes. Group training is increasingly becoming popular because it allows people to get fitness training in a welcoming and social environment. Moreover, group work increases the client’s motivation to do better.

When designing group exercise programs, it’s important to have everyone on the same page. So if your class is geared toward senior citizens, make sure the group members have similar health stats. Otherwise, it’ll be harder for some to keep up with the group, and your training won’t be as effective.

Senior Fitness Instructor

Senior citizens are becoming more aware of their fitness and want to become active members of society. This is why senior fitness is becoming a lucrative field for trainers. But before you can branch out into senior fitness, you’ll have to learn about the different approaches to fitness for seniors.

A great way to go about this is enrolling in a senior fitness course such as the one offered by W.I.T.S Education. This will allow you to learn all the basics of senior fitness training and the necessary precautions you must take when dealing with people with certain health issues such as blood pressure or arthritis.

Youth Fitness Instructor

Like senior fitness, youth fitness is another hot field in the fitness industry. Given the changed lifestyle and lack of physical activities for children, parents enroll their kids in youth fitness programs and camps to help them maintain a healthy growth cycle and weight. But youth fitness training is different than regular training.

One, because kids and even young adults will get bored of traditional fitness training, and two, you must learn how to work with children and compel them to work out instead of using intimidation. This is why getting a youth fitness certification is a good idea. It helps you learn how to interact with kids and develop unconventional exercise programs for them, such as sports or other games.

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Gym Manager

After getting a bit of experience, gym manager positions are great for personal trainers. They have the skills and knowledge to oversee different exercise programs as well as the skills to monitor and train gym instructors. Managing a gym will give you additional valuable skillsets other than personal training. These skills can be used to move up the management chain or start your own fitness business.

Besides that, gym management isn’t physically exhausting, so it’s great for personal trainers who aren’t in their prime and would like more laid-back roles. Besides monitoring the people, a gym manager ensures all the processes run smoothly, including checking the equipment, getting new members, starting promotional offers, and boosting the gym’s revenue.

Wellness Coach

Some people prefer a more holistic approach to their fitness which is why they turn to wellness. Personal trainers can become wellness coaches if they take on a few additional courses that’ll help them develop their coaching as well as diet management skills.

Unlike personal trainers, who are instructors, wellness coaches play the role of guides who motivate their clients and help them achieve a better lifestyle through workouts or lifestyle changes. This may sound uninteresting, but there’s a huge audience out there who hire wellness coaches. On top of that, your job won’t be physically demanding, so you can relax while still making a similar income.

Fitness Model

If you’re not in the mood for training clients, why not use your skills to become a fitness model? Many health magazines and athletic wear brands are always on the lookout for models that don’t require extensive training before a photoshoot.

Personal trainers usually have a well-maintained physique, so it’s easier for them to break into this industry. Not to mention, you’ll get a significantly higher paycheck for doing less work. However, breaking into the fitness modeling industry requires a bit of effort. Once you get past that, it’ll be easier to get work and maintain a steady income.

Fitness Influencer

Thanks to the widespread use of special media, influencers are becoming increasingly popular. However, people don’t believe the influencer’s credibility unless they can prove it. as a personal trainer, it’ll be easier for you to generate a dedicated following because of your expertise and skills.

Unlike novices, people are more likely to listen to certified trainers for fitness advice. You can go one step further and start blogging or a podcast to maximize your reach. Soon, you’ll be able to generate a healthy income from your gigs. Additionally, once you become an in-demand influencer, starting a premium online fitness business will be easier.

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Fitness Course Designer

Instead of training clients, why not help others who want to become fitness trainers? Even though certified personal trainer courses need to follow a dedicated course outline, there are plenty of other certifications you can help design.

Fitness training centers always look for dynamic course designers who can design the most up-to-date courses for their students. If you’re in the loop of the latest fitness trends and can predict which direction certain trends will take, it’ll give you an edge when designing the course. Additionally, the students auditing your course will benefit from the latest information and find it easier to start their fitness careers.

Strength And Conditioning Coach

Strength and conditioning are a bit like personal training but much more intense. It was only given to athletes and upcoming athletes in the past, but now many regular people try it. But they don’t receive the same level of training as an athlete. So you don’t have to become a full-fledged strength conditioning coach. Instead, you can use a few elements from this training and design more demanding workouts for your clients.

Strength conditioning is mainly focused on aerobic, strength, and weight training, and personal trainers are skilled in all these. So it’ll be easier for you to offer these services without additional certifications. You can also work with a strength and conditioning coach to get some formal training.

Medical Fitness Trainer

Medical fitness training combines occupational therapy and certain exercises to design effective programs for clients suffering from musculoskeletal issues, cardiovascular diseases, or other physical or neurological issues. This field is more suited for medical professionals, but personal trainers can also enter it by taking up medical fitness certifications like the one offered by W.I.T.S. Education.

Medical fitness allows trainers to work with individuals with unique medical needs, so trainers must develop separate exercise programs for all of them. However, it also allows the trainers to charge a premium price for their services.

Bodybuilding Instructor

Despite being offered everywhere, bodybuilding remains one of the most in-demand fitness fields, and personal trainers are the perfect choice for bodybuilding coaches because of their diverse experience. Many believe bodybuilding is only about lifting and drinking protein shakes, but it’s a lot more.

The trainers also need to pay close attention to the client’s health while pushing their body to the limit to build muscles. They also need to ensure the clients get ample rest time to maintain a healthy body.

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Workout Developer

Being a workout developer is more about working behind the scenes. Nowadays, many fitness enthusiasts, such as celebrities, offer training programs. But they don’t have the expertise to design effective workout programs. This is where personal trainers come in. They can work behind the scenes in developing workout programs for their clients.

This is a good option if you want to take a break from the physical aspect of the personal training job. Additionally, the payout is good, and you can find several clients if you make the right connections. However, you’ll need sufficient experience first to be considered for the job.

Weight And Diet Management Instructor

Weight management is one of the growing concerns of people worldwide, especially after the pandemic where people had little to no physical activity. Besides the number of health issues, improper weight management also causes mobility issues. This is why people are always eager to lose weight.

However, most people resort to unhealthy ways that do more harm to their bodies. Asa personal trainer, you can help them lose weight healthily while maintaining a good diet. You’ll be more likely to get clients if you already have experience with personal training because it’ll boost your credibility.

Bootcamp Instructor

For those who lead busy lives, boot camps are a great way to stay on top of their fitness. It’s a misconception that fitness boot camps only last a few days. In reality, there’s no time limit for boot camps. You can have boot camps for 2 to 3 days or even 30 days. However, one requirement for boot camps is that they focus on only one type of fitness training.

Personal trainers can jump onto the boot camp bandwagon because they’re skilled in several fitness training styles and can handle a diverse group of clients. Moreover, boot camps allow trainers to design only one exercise program that everyone will follow, so you won’t have to modify your programs for anyone.

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Expand Your Career Options As A Fitness Trainer With W.I.T.S. Education’s Fitness Training Programs

For those looking to work in the fitness business, W.I.T.S. Education is a fitness training institute offering personal health trainer programs. On their website, you may find courses related to certified personal trainers, group fitness instructors, medical fitness instructors, and many more. Additionally, W.I.T.S. Education offers a fitness management course if you’re interested in starting your own fitness studio.

They incorporate practical laboratories and instructive online lectures in their courses. The institute’s laboratories are spread all over North America. Furthermore, the American Council of Education and the N.C.C.A. have accredited the institution. They also have the largest network of colleges and universities through which students can obtain course credits. Check out their course catalog and get yourself enrolled today!

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