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I wanted to use this post to let you know about some fabulous events you don’t want to miss—AND provide you with a special discount!
Don’t miss the October Club Industry Convention in Chicago! We have a special discount code just for W.I.T.S. friends and colleagues! Just follow the link below and when you register, use the promo code SAVE25, which provides a $125 discount on the full conference pass.
Club Industry Convention, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL October 23 -24, 2013CI13_BoxOfficeListing_200x280
While at the event, you’ll want to check out the “Business Program for Personal Trainers.” You’ll learn from the experts the secrets of sales, marketing and social media to insure your success as a business person!
Club Industry, Business Program for Personal Trainers, October 23, 2013
And while you are at the Club Industry Convention, we have a “MUST DO” event for those interested in the future of the fitness industry!
3rd Annual Personal Trainer Summit
Thursday, October 24, 2:00pm
Location: Room E351
Open invitation to all employers, trainers, educators and certification organizations. Why a meeting? We need to solidify and establish an industry wide image and policy to help support and direct our professional services. Much has been written about what “we” have come up with to meet legislative initiatives or to help obese children etc. Now you actually have a voice and a forum to formalize and legitimize our profession.
Let me know if you’ll be there! I’d love to meet you!

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  1. how many credits do we get for attending the club industry 2 day event?

    1. Hi Brandy– We are only awarding CECs for the sessions that have listed learning outcomes and assessment. We will award 1 CEC for 1 full contact hour per session. If you need additional information and confirmation, please contact our customer service department (888)330-9487. They are available Monday – Thursday 8am – 6pm. Thank you! Oh, and make sure you come visit us at our exhibit booth at the Club Industry convention. We will be there (Jay Delvecchio, CEO and myself, Amy Hyams, V.P) along with some of our top faculty!

  2. Hi, I am very interested on attending this conference. However I have a planned event at my facility for October 25th and would need to return to the Bay Area California by that morning. For me to book air fare and return so quickly is quite pricey. So my question is based on how effectively can I present my “voice”. I may have something to contribute that can make a significant difference in the entire fitness industry. First of all, I’m a 21 year experienced personal trainer that has trained over 16,000 hour sessions. My facility Sweat Studio has been running for 7 years and 6 WITS interns have participated here. Three years ago I decided to become a programmer (simultaneouly still training too) to develop the ultimate online tools for personal trainers to become more efficient. I’m considering on partnering with a school organization to develop a better software program to accommodate fitness professionals and to educate personal trainers with the latest technology and how it affects their business. To make things more clear, my intentions is not to sell an app or product, my intentions is how my vast programming skills can create better tools for the fitness industry.

    John Destacamento

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