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Time is Money: Your Hidden Currency for Marketing Success

Tapping Into Time

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Most of us will agree that time is a valuable commodity that there never seems to be enough of. But if you’re launching a new business on a small budget, time can become a lucrative currency for marketing your business. Strategically placing yourself in the middle of your market population in a timely manner can build credibility and position you to become known as an expert in your field.

Give Yourself Away

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It’s easier than you think to turn the limelight on yourself and your business. There are literally dozens of venues where extra hands are needed to create a successful experience. Get involved with your local high school athletics program or with a Little League team. Volunteer with Special Olympics or your local Boys and Girls Clubs. Show your support by volunteering at local fundraiser races. Performing arts companies are always in need of extra help. Teach a free yoga or Pilates class at your local dance studio. Volunteering your time and talent gives you an opportunity to plug into your community and create a social network that you would not otherwise have access to.

Partner Up

Health care providers often recommend fitness to their patients, but without specific guidelines. Forge a partnership with your local health care community by volunteering. Offer free fitness testing or body fat assessments in the hospital cafeteria. Set up a booth at corporate health fairs. Ask permission to place fliers or business cards in your doctor’s or dentist’s office. Build relationships with event organizers and stay on top of upcoming opportunities.

Be a Mentor

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Community centers, public libraries and retirement communities are ideal venues to offer free mentoring. Give free seminars on older adult nutrition and exercise. Hold a public forum to address the problem of childhood obesity. Set up a table in your local health food store and offer free fitness advice to customers. Be sure to create a press release and invite the local media to your event.


Getting the word out about the awesome services you offer calls for some creative marketing strategies. As always, W.I.T.S. is on the cutting edge of the fitness biz with dozens of courses to help you succeed. Visit our Fitness Business Institute page to get an overview. For marketing strategies, check out the following continuing education courses: Developing Your Marketing and Promotion Strategy, Insider Secrets of Advertising and Marketing for the Successful Fitness Professional, Identifying Your Products and Services, Establishing Your Brand and Image, and many more!

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