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This is Us: Building Your Small Business Social Media Community

Getting to Know You

Social Media can provide a lucrative and completely free platform to promote your business, provided you are willing to put in the time to build a social network community. It all begins with opening an account for your business on the Social Media sites you’ll be using. Facebook is by far the Social Media site with the greatest membership and farthest reach, so you’ll want to put some thought into what your company’s page will look like, and what types of posts you will present to your potential customers.
Welcome to the Family
Once you have established your Social Media accounts, it is time to begin to reach out to your potential customers. If you already have established personal accounts through which you interact with friends and family, invite them to “Like” your business page and follow you. Creating memes with your business theme, and posting pictures and videos that depict your business in a positive and engaging way is an essential part of building your community. Your posts should be upbeat, professional and visually engaging. Keep text to a minimum, and always provide a link to your webpage.
We Belong Together

Once you get a few posts circulating, visit your page periodically each day to read and respond to any comments that were made on your posts. By actively engaging with those who read your posts, you begin to build relationships that encourage ongoing interaction. Your continued presence on Social Media is key to drawing attention to what your business has to offer. Keep your comments friendly, and steer clear of arguments on controversial topics. You want to develop a professional persona that is likable and empathetic.
Spreading the Love
Keep your eyes peeled for the fitness posts of others in your news feed, and like, share and comment. By doing so, you begin to build a network in much the same way you would network at a business conference. Your support of others will be reciprocated, as long as your posts seem relevant and interesting, and you represent yourself as a likable professional. Remember that most Social Media users receive hundreds of posts each day, so post frequently, and make your images dynamic.
Want to up your Social Media game? W.I.T.S. has the continuing education tools you need to keep you in the running! Our online Social Media Marketing Series offers seven courses geared to helping you become an online fitness superstar. Topics like Creating Relationships, Attracting Clients, Branding and Increasing Your Presence are all covered. And don’t forget to add your Digital Badge to every post, to let the world know you are the best!

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