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The Write Way to Market: Blogging to Build Your Business

Blogging Basics

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A blog is an ongoing series of written entries that can provide information and opinions, and which often reflects the philosophy of the writer. In business, a blog can be a useful tool that showcases your knowledge and expertise, and reflects your business philosophy. Fitness blogs often introduce new ideas or trends, and debunk common myths that contradict recent scientific evidence. Writing a regular blog and posting it on social media can be a great marketing tool for your fitness business.

Hit a Bullseye

To optimize your blog’s marketing impact, think carefully about your target audience. If you want to attract a specific demographic, your blog should reflect the values and needs of that market. For example, if your niche is pre-and post-natal women, blogging about CrossFit will not hit a bullseye. Similarly, if your target is competitive bodybuilders, don’t write about weight loss. Focusing on the clients you want to attract is critical if you want your blog to bring in new business.

Lengthy Matters

While you may have tons of information to share on a particular topic, making your post too long can be a turnoff for many readers. An optimal post should be between 400 to 600 words in length. Break broader topics down into subtopics, and write individual entries for each. Create sub-headings that highlight distinct thoughts or arguments. Stay on topic and omit excessive rambling. Provide hyperlinks to steer potential clients to your website.

Mind Your Language

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Spelling, grammar, vocabulary and syntax separate good writers from amateurs. Unless you are extremely confident about your language arts skills, seek out someone who can proofread and edit your posts. Bad grammar and poor syntax act like speed bumps that make reading a chore. Spelling errors are inexcusable in the age of spellcheck. Use a thesaurus to select the best words to express your ideas.


Getting the word out about the awesome services you offer calls for some creative marketing strategies. As always, W.I.T.S. is on the cutting edge of the fitness biz with dozens of courses to help you succeed. Visit our Fitness Business Institute page to get an overview. For marketing strategies, check out the following continuing education courses: Developing Your Marketing and Promotion Strategy, Insider Secrets of Advertising and Marketing for the Successful Fitness Professional, Identifying Your Products and Services, Establishing Your Brand and Image, and many more!

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