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Stress Releasing Workouts You Can Recommend To Your Clients

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The fast-paced lifestyle people have these days makes it difficult for them to manage stress, and unregulated stress can lead to bigger health issues such as chronic pain and even heart issues. Exercise is one of the fastest ways to release stress without using medication. But not everyone can do these exercises.

This is why people turn to personal trainers to help them regulate their stress so they can lead more fulfilling lives. But as a personal trainer, before you can recommend such a workout to your clients, you need to understand what stress is and how it affects the body. This blog will help you understand what stress is and list some stress-releasing exercises you can recommend to your clients.

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How Do Stress Releasing Exercises Help Clients?

Generally, all exercises help release stress to a certain level by stretching out muscles and relaxing them. However, proper stress-releasing exercises do a lot more than just stretch the muscles. They stimulate the brain and increase the production of endorphins, feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. This chemical relaxes the brain and reduces stress. It also helps in managing the sleep cycle.

Moreover, the exercises also help relax your body and relieve pain due to stress. Because if stress is not regulated, it can lead to bigger health issues such as cardiovascular issues and a weak immune system. The main purpose of these exercises is to help the brain forget stressful thoughts and concentrate on the body and the muscles.

Yoga and meditation


What Are Some Easy Stress Releasing Exercises You Can Recommend To Your Clients?


Yoga is the most popular exercise for releasing stress, and medical professionals often recommend it for stress management. Yoga postures use special techniques to induce deep and slow breathing in the body, which helps regulate stress hormones and increases the production of endorphins.

Moreover, the stretching exercises increase blood flow in the body which also relaxes the muscles and reduces the pressure on the bones. Different yoga postures target different muscles in the body and release pent-up stress. Allowing the body to loosen up.


Meditation isn’t an exercise on its own, but it’s a powerful tool to quickly relax the brain and the body. The posture requires the clients to focus their attention on one thing and declutter the mind. The process is accompanied by different breathing techniques that allow the blood pressure to decrease and the body to enter a state of sleepiness.

While in this state, the client can think happy thoughts and stimulate the brain to increase the production of endorphins. Commonly meditation is done outdoors where clients can become one with nature, but it can also be done indoors on a balcony or a similar area with fresh air.


A complete opposite of meditation, running is frequently used by athletes to reduce their stress and relax the body. This happens when the body is in motion and the oxygen absorption in the body increases. This excess oxygen stimulates the brain cells and increases their activity.

On the other hand, increased blood pressure increases the heart rate and pumps the body with oxygen-rich blood, improving the joints and releasing the stress in the muscles. Running also reduces anxiety and improves the client’s mood by increasing oxygen absorption.

Breathing Exercises

Just like running, breathing exercises release stress by increasing the oxygen absorption in the brain. However, unlike running, breathing exercises don’t require any movement, which is why these exercises are perfect for people who can’t partake in running.

Moreover, breathing exercises decrease the blood pressure and allow the heart rate, which allows the body to release tension in the shoulders and the abdomen area. It helps clients reach a state of mindfulness and allow them to reduce mental stress as well. It’s also great for people with anxiety because it relaxes the body and prevents them from getting stressed quickly.

A group doing stress-releasing exercises


Aerobics are perfect for people who can’t seem to concentrate on meditation or breathing exercises. So instead of laid-back stress releasing session, these people can do the opposite. Just like running, high aerobic activity is also associated with the increased production of endorphins.

But instead of just relaxing the body, aerobics exercises also tire the body so clients can easily go into a deep sleep. Besides that, the aerobics movement loosens the joints and allows the muscles to release pent-up stress. Besides lowering stress levels, aerobic exercises also improve joint movements and increase flexibility.

Interval Training

Interval training isn’t the first option for releasing stress because the whole workout leaves the body feeling weaker. However, if your client is too busy for other workouts, interval training is a good option to destress quickly after a stressful day. But for the exercises to actually work, the clients need to get plenty of rest after the exercise.

Otherwise, the body will get more stressed. On top of that, the exercises used in the interval training should be low-impact workouts that don’t strain the body too much but still stretch the muscles properly.

Outdoor Workouts

Any regular workout session can become a stress-releasing activity when it’s shifted outdoors. The feeling of being out in nature surrounded by fresh air is in itself enough to make the body relax and the brain happy.

Combined with exercises, the effects are increased. It’s a known fact that people who work out outdoors in the fresh air have a higher oxygen absorption rate than those who prefer working out indoors. The beauty of nature also soothes the eyes, thereby lowering the stress on the brain and increasing the production of endorphins.

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