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Step Up Your Tech and Grow! The Best Apps for Your Personal Training Business

In case you missed the revolution, technology is here to stay, and if you are operating a personal training business, you cannot afford to ignore it. Not only does technology offer many benefits and solutions for business owners, but it tells the world that you are on board with the latest advances in the industry and ready to give clients the most bang for their buck.

There are a growing number of apps available to augment and enhance your personal training business, and too many to list in a single blog post, but I will give you a brief overview of three of the most useful apps available for personal trainers.

PayPal Here: One of the biggest challenges for personal trainers is getting paid. Cash and checks are a hassle, and difficult to keep track of. And of course, with new prospective clients, you have to get them while they’re hot, before they begin having second thoughts. The PayPal Here app lets you accept all kinds of payments, from debit and credit cards to contactless payments like Apple Pay, and you can do it right on your smartphone. The app then allows you to manage your payments in your PayPal Business account, also available as an app. While PayPal has competitors like Square, no one can measure up in terms of providing all the business tools you need to manage the money end of your business. Plus, PayPal is a familiar brand, and many of your clients already have PayPal accounts, making invoicing, business payments and money transfers even easier. And its free!

MindBody: Like PayPal Here, this app also enables you to take on-the-spot payments, but unlike PayPal, MindBody is a business tool designed specifically for personal trainers. Features include client checkins, online session bookings and point of sale payments. The system can even incorporate multiple trainers and track their client traffic and revenue for easy management. But what really sells me on this app is its marketing tools, including promotional offers, custom gift cards, and loyalty programs. It even helps you reduce no-shows with automated text messages to confirm upcoming sessions. Best of all, the app automatically puts your business on the map, so local prospects actively looking for personal training services in your area can find you. While MindBody software is not free, its marketing features alone may make it well worth the investment.

My PT Hub: This app also has appointment and payment tools, but it goes beyond the business end of things and gets down to the nitty-gritty of training and nutrition, with unlimited workout templates and nutrition plans to keep your clients accountable, and take the guesswork out of programming. It even has a barcode scanner for product sales. The app is integrated with FitBit so you can monitor your client’s out-of-session activities. And you can customize the app with your own brand logo, which makes you look pretty smart. While My PT Hub does not have the marketing features of MindBody, it does offer a 30-day free trial and an affordable subscription plan that you can cancel at any time. For only $16 a month, you have little to lose, and a whole lot to gain with My PT Hub.

Clearly, integrating tech into you personal training enterprise can help you manage and grow your business. If you are serious about making money as a personal trainer, you cannot afford to ignore technology as a necessary and integral part of your business operations.


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