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So You Want to Be Your Own Boss: Do You Have What It Takes to Fly Solo?

It Starts with Love

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In the world of business, one of the most common bits of advice is to love what you do. In the fitness business, love of everything fitness is a common theme for those who pursue a career in fitness, and who ultimately start their own business. While we all want our businesses to thrive and generate wealth, desire for more money is generally not what motivates fitness professionals. We share a deep-seeded commitment to live a meaningful and healthy life that has a profound impact on the lives of our clients. If you are an aspiring fitness entrepreneur, you already have a solid foundation for success.

Know What You Want

Most people can tell you what they don’t want in life, but it is the people who have clearly defined goals who stand the best chance of success. It is not enough to want your own business. You must define what that business looks like in both the short and the long term. Do you want to own a gym, open a personal training studio, work with a specific population or train in your local city park? Who will be your primary target market? Will you do all the work yourself, work with a partner, or have multiple employees? Formatting a clear vision of what you want is essential to success

Planning is Critical

Planning is the difference between dreams and goals. As the saying goes, plan your work, then work you plan. One way to develop a solid business plan that leads to success is to start with the big picture, then work backward. For example, if you want your own training studio, how much money will you need to pay the rent, keep the lights on, pay yourself, invest in equipment and set aside money for growth and unexpected setbacks? Be realistic, and err on the conservative side. After crunching the numbers, determine what type of client traffic you will need to not only stay afloat, but to turn a profit that leads to longterm stability.

Strive for Excellence

There is a lot of competition out there, and getting your market share can be tough. You cannot afford to offer average customer service. You must be willing to invest your time, energy and money in creating a superior product that stands head and shoulder above your competitors. Your clients are solid gold, and they deserve to be treated as such. They may be demanding and at times annoying, but it is up to you to create a business culture that puts your customers’ needs and wants first. In fitness, the bottom line is results. Continually ask yourself if your clients are getting what they paid for, and if not, what can you change to ensure they are receiving value for their investment in you and your business.


Being in business for yourself can be challenging and at times scary. Educating yourself about the business end of fitness is crucial if you are to succeed. W.I.T.S. understands that your love of fitness needs to be matched with some business savvy. We offer numerous courses and certifications that will equip you with business fundamentals, all of them geared specifically to the fitness industry. Get started today with certifications in Fitness Management, Older Adult Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer Certification, or with our many Fitness Business Institute continuing education courses, all at your fingertips.

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