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Smarty-Pants! New Togs to Rock Your Fitness Tech

Fashion Forward

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Technology that tracks your workouts is old news, but when the tech is woven into the shirt on your back, that is something to sit up and pay attention to. Found in shirts, pants, jackets and even workout bras, technology has moved off your wrist and onto your body, where it is able to provide more accurate information than any wrist-worn device. Sensors are woven into the fabric of some garments, while others use devices that tuck neatly and discreetly into specially designed pockets.


Trending beyond heart rate and blood pressure, tech wear is able to give you feedback on which muscles are firing, where the load is centered and much more. Using bluetooth technology and compatible apps, these amazing wearable can help you improve your form to reduce injury and optimize performance. Some tech wear can read your heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, muscle activity, calories burned, and steps taken. Tech savvy insoles and socks can even track your speed and stride while keeping your feet warm.

Fashionista Faux-Pas

While wearable tech is undeniably a cool way to track your workouts, there are some drawbacks. If styling the latest fitness wear keeps you motivated to visit the gym, smart clothes may not be for you. Though not unattractive, most garments are somewhat plain, and style and color options are limited. What’s more, keeping your smart garments clean may prove a bit of a challenge. If you are a fan of low-maintenance wash-and-wear clothing, wearable tech may slow you down with special care requirements.


Another drawback of smart garments is the high price. If you are a regular gym rat who works out daily, or even twice a day, you probably have a lot of clothing options in your closet. Tech wear is not cheap, and the price might be prohibitive for you if you require several clothing changes a week. Nevertheless, you can expect to see more and more smart clothing and the supporting software that goes with it in the near future.


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