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Set Your Sales for Seas of Success

The Truth About Sales

For many fitness professionals, sales may seem like the dark side of our business. Pressure to meet sales quotas for memberships or personal training packages can take the joy out of an otherwise fun and rewarding career. Sales training courses often focus on tactics and techniques designed to manipulate a prospect into buying, as if there is no other way to get the sale. But the truth is that you do not have to become shady and manipulative in order to excel at sales.

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Believe in Your Product

A career in the fitness industry may very well be the best job in the world. We spend our days in a positive upbeat environment, talking to awesome people, listening to great music and helping others to succeed. We sell a product that everyone needs. If you believe that fitness is an important priority for everyone, then shout it from the rafters. People make decisions to buy based on the way they feel. Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do will be infectious, and it will go a long way toward boosting your sales stats.


Do Your Homework

Confidence is another key factor that influences your prospects to buy. Take time to learn everything you can about your product. When you are able to answer all and any questions a potential buyer throws your way, you convey professionalism, and that in turn increases the buyer’s trust. When possible, learn a bit about your prospect before your sales interview. Go online and find out about their business or line of work. Look them up on social media to get an idea of their interests. Knowing a bit about them will ease the tension of a first meeting, and make for a more relaxed sales interview.

Keep It Real

The most important factor that will influence your sales track record is your own likability. According to “Entrepreneur,” people will do business with someone they feel a sense of connection and friendship with. You can increase your likability by using open body language and making good eye contact. Smile and be polite and respectful. Show a genuine interest in your prospect by asking questions to determine their needs, and then listen attentively to their answers. In other words, treat the sales interview as you would a meeting with a potential new friend. After all, once the sale is made, you will have an ongoing relationship with the buyer.

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For fitness professionals, training is often the easy part of the fitness business. Selling can be intimidating, and canned pitches can sound phony and insincere. W.I.T.S. has the tools and support you need to become a sales whiz-kid. Check out the following online continuing education courses from our Fitness Business Institute: Introduction to Sales Fundamentals for Fitness Professionals; Practical Sales Techniques for Personal Trainers; Promotion and Sales Basics; Fitness Management Certification. These and dozens of others are available to help you make your business boom!

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