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Profile of a Fitness Professional

What Does It Even Mean?

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If asked to imagine a business professional, you might conjure up an image of a meticulously groomed individual sporting a power suit, shoes polished to a gleaming shine, with a firm handshake and unwavering eye contact. However, the nature of our business does not sync up with that image. A fitness professional shares some of the same attributes of other business professionals, but the gym environment is not conducive to designer duds and deals over dinner. We have our own unique code when it comes to projecting a professional profile.

A Firm Foundation

Skills and knowledge are fundamental to professionalism in a service industry like ours. Over the past three decades, research about exercise science, movement mechanics and nutrition has exploded, giving us more information than ever to explore and process. Becoming certified is only the first step in what should become a lifelong journey of professional growth and development. If you are W.I.T.S. certified, you already have a competitive advantage when it comes to basic skills and science. Keep the shine on your apple by continuing to learn through continuing education courses and independent study.

Good Communication

Fitness is a people business, and our interactions with others are the substance of our services. Communication is a two-way street that involves both speaking and listening. A true fitness professional listens attentively to the needs and feelings of clients, conveying empathy and trust. Good communication also includes projecting and interpreting non-verbal signals like body language, facial expressions and emotional undercurrents. Many of these skills are acquired over time, but you can only achieve them if you pay attention. Leave your cell phone in your locker and give your clients the undivided attention they deserve.

Core Values

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Effective and successful fitness professionals share certain core values that define professionalism. Integrity means that you are honest in your dealings with others, and you can be counted on to deliver the services promised. Discretion means that you hold what your client shares with you in confidence, and you do not share it with others. Accountability means that you accept responsibility for your words and actions, and that you take your commitments seriously. In addition to these core values, fitness professionals embrace and model the lifestyle behaviors that we encourage and foster in our clients.


We at W.I.T.S. are proud of our professionals, and we are here to support your growth and professional development with state of the art Certifications and Continuing Education courses. If you don’t yet have your Digital Badge, what are you waiting for? Visit our Digital Badge page and get the ball rolling! If you need more credentials, add a new Certification, or expand your professionalism by visiting our Fitness Business Institute. We highly recommend the courses, Establishing Your Brand and Image; Developing Relationships; Finding Customers; or any of our other great business success courses! To enhance your presence on Social Media, check out our numerous courses about Social Media Marketing.

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