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Pin Power: Marketing Your Small Fitness Business on Pinterest

Not Just for Cooking and Crafting

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There is no doubt that Pinterest is a favorite go-to site when you want inspiration for your creative ventures. Party planning, crafts and cooking tips abound, along with beautiful illustrations and infographics that pique your creative drive. But Pinterest is also a prime platform for health and fitness that you cannot afford to overlook if you are serious about marketing your small fitness business.
Inspiring Images

Pinterest is all about the image, so if you want to make the most marketing milage, you need to pin professional creative images that speak volumes. There are dozens of stock photo sites that offer attractive fitness images for a fee. However, if you have a Personal Training or Group Exercise business, images of you and your staff may be more impactful. Pinterest Analytics offers data on the most successful image size and quality for your pins, to ensure you get the most exposure.
Tantalizing Text
The text associated with your pins should be minimal, so you want to think carefully about the message you are trying to convey, and then economize on words to deliver the gist of your ideas. To optimize your reach, keep your word count between 150 to 300. Overlaying text on top of your image can be effective for enhancing your message, so long as it does not obscure the image. Also consider the actual words you use in your text. Keywords within your text will partially determine whether your pin comes up when a user launches a search.
Lots of Linking

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The whole idea of social media marketing is to drive users to your website, where they can get more information about how to access your services. When you create your pin, think about how your images and text will inspire Pinterest users to migrate to your site. Create multiple links within your text to encourage users to divert their browsing. For content, design and user behaviors, visit Pinterest Analytics for valuable tips on creating powerful pins.
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