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Perception is Everything: Five Ways to Improve Your Professional Image

Our Fabulous Fitness Industry

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Whether you are a seasoned fitness practitioner or a novice just getting started, the fitness industry promises increasing opportunities for professional growth and career success. However, in order to gain and keep the respect of the public, we must all hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. In the near future, you can expect to see the bar raised for professional credentials and baseline qualifications. Our industry will be scrutinized for evidence that we deserve a place at the table with other health care providers. The measures that you take today to improve your professional image can play an important role in helping you secure a rewarding, lucrative and sustainable career in the future.

1. Get Certified

Despite certification being a widespread requirement throughout the fitness industry, there are still many gifted and capable personal trainers and group exercise instructors who have never been certified, or whose certifications have lapsed. In most states you are not required by law to be certified. However, obtaining and maintaining a national certification shows that you are a dedicated professional. Using your Digital Badge on social media is a great way to broadcast your professionalism.

2. Stay Informed

Exercise science, biomechanics and nutrition are relatively young fields, and new research is released daily that challenges long held ideas and beliefs. As a professional, it is up to you to stay current. Spend time searching the internet for new information, and keep up with trends by pursuing professional development and continuing education. Your clients will recognize your commitment and appreciate your dedication to your profession.

3. Get Involved

On both the state and federal levels, there is legislation being considered that will impact the future of the fitness industry. Licensure, baseline credentials and liability issues are all on the table. Writing or calling your representatives to voice your opinion can have a huge impact on the outcomes of such measures. Band together with other fitness professionals to steer the conversation in your favor.

4. Walk the Talk

It is hard to influence others if you don’t practice what you preach. Make sure that your lifestyle behaviors reflect your convictions. You are a role model for others to emulate. Not only your clients but other fitness professionals are looking to you to set the bar for professionalism. Be the real deal.

5. Give Back

Despite the massive acceptance of fitness as critical to human health, Americans are increasingly afflicted with lifestyle related disease, and obesity continues to be on the rise. Look for opportunities in your community where you can get involved to change the downward health spiral. Volunteering to take a leadership role will crystalize your standing as a professional in your field.


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