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Marketing Your Personal Service Business: 4 Strategies for Success

Whether you are a personal trainer, massage therapist, Pilates coach or other personal service provider, there is no denying that you provide valuable services that benefit your clients’ health. The nature of your business is unique in that the products you sell fall under the umbrella of “intangibles.” In other words, you do not sell items that your clients can hold in their hands, display on a shelf or consume. Because intangibles are unique from other products, they require a unique approach to marketing.

1. Define Your Products

Before you attempt to build your client base, you should have a clear definition of what you offer. Create a menu of services that defines their benefits, cost and duration. Keep it simple, and limit your menu to a handful of offerings so your potential client is not overwhelmed by too many options.

2. Identify Your Market

You could advertise your services to the public at large in hopes of grabbing someone’s interest, However, you will have more success if you identify a niche market and gear your advertising specifically to them. Older adults, working women, stay-at-home moms, and fitness competitors are all niche markets that frequently purchase personal service packages.

3. Reach Out in Person

Because your services are personal in nature, you will have greater success in attracting new clients if you market yourself in person. Identify large companies in your community and offer to set up a booth at their corporate health fair, or ask to set up a table in their cafeteria during lunchtime. Offer free consultations or simple fitness assessments to attract people to your table. Arrange to speak to local retirement communities about the benefits of your services for older adults. Reach out to moms at ballet, gymnastics, martial arts or other sports activities. You may be able to offer group training or fitness classes while they wait for their kids.

4. Create a Referral System

Personal service businesses often grow by referral. When you have happy, satisfied clients, they will sing your praises to their friends, family members and co-workers. You can leverage your clients’ good will by offering referral incentives, such as free sessions, tangible products, restaurant gift certificates or event tickets. Because of the small and intimate nature of your business, you can personalize referral incentives for individual clients.


Successful marketing builds successful businesses. The W.I.T.S. Business Management Success Series offers continuing education courses geared specifically to personal service businesses, to help you market your services and grow your client base. Some of our standout courses include: Insider Secrets of Advertising and Marketing; Attracting Club Members; Developing Relationships; Developing Your Marketing and Promotion Strategy; Establishing Your Brand and Image; Creating Relationships on Social Media; Social Media Strategies for Attracting Clients; Finding Your Customers on Social Media, and many more!

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